Sunday, April 8, 2012

The White Dress+Mollie!

We are very thankful for Nana's beautiful sewing ability. She has made beautiful white dresses for all of the baby girls in our family. At the end of March, we were able to get pictures of Hannah Kate and Mollie in their dresses. Wow! I was worn out after this! It took three of us (myself, Martha, and Melva Jean) to wrangle them both for their pictures together. Hannah Kate was VERY excited to be with Baby Mollie-she kept wanting to love on her, but don't worry! Mollie was safe the whole time!

Hannah Kate in the white dress at 7 months
Hannah Kate in the white dress at 11 months
Some of Maggie's white dress pictures (at 6 months)

This is the best we have done at getting pictures of Hannah Kate in the white dress. I was very pleased.

LOVE this.

Sweet Mollie!

See what I mean?

After we were finished with those, Mollie and Hannah Kate ended up in almost matching outfits. Of course, that meant we needed more pictures!
Mollie's face cracks me up here. See how sweet Hannah Kate is being sitting by Baby Mollie? Yeah, that's because I had to put snacks alongside Mollie so Hannah Kate would be still!
At one point, Hannah Kate was shoving her hand under Mollie and I realized a Puff had gotten underneath her. Hannah Kate was not about to miss out on that one!
Don't worry, Mollie was just fine!

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