Saturday, December 19, 2015


We've had a LOT going on & I haven't updated in awhile...sorry!
Guess what?!
We're having a baby!
Baby will arrive hopefully no earlier than May 13 (37 weeks) & that is the latest we can go.  So, we may have a Friday the 13th baby! :)

On that note, 
Names have been a big topic of discussion lately since we have a new baby to name! This week,
HK: I have a friend named ____, she goes to worship with us so it's a Bible name.
Me: That's not a Bible name
HK: yes it is! She goes to worship with us.
Me: Not everyone's name is in the Bible.
HK: WHAT?! WHY didn't her mommy & daddy name her a Bible name?!
Me: I don't know, but your name doesn't have to be IN the Bible to go to Heaven!
HK: OH! good!

M: Is Thomas the Train in the Bible?
Me: No, but the name Thomas is in the Bible.
M: Oh! Okay, can I talk to him when we go to Heaven?
Me: You can talk to Thomas, but not the train. Trains don't go to Heaven.
M: Why NOT?!

This is a short & sweet post because I just needed to record that for our scrapbooks! :)

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Monday, November 16, 2015

NICU Thanksgiving Bags

Papa saw the bags last night before we were done & said, "You're going to have to get bigger bags!" They were filled to the top! Each bag included: receiving blanket, candy, crackers, granola/breakfast bars, fruit cup, tissues, lotion, hand sanitizer, notepad & pen, note from us, handwritten note from someone at East Side, a baby hat, a booklet about car seat safety, information about the church, & something extra! The something extra was: a bigger blanket, toy, Wubbanub (paci), or $5 Sonic gift card. We also had enough monetary donations that we were able to purchase 2 $30 & 9 $25 gift cards to Cracker Barrel. They have a Thanksgiving menu with them & Nurse Libby & her friends will give those to whoever they think needs it the most. I am unbelievably amazed at the response to this year's project. Thank you all SO much! We are praying for each family who will receive the bags. 

Delivering NICU Thanksgiving bags! We had enough of everything that we had extra blankets for the hospital, extra snacks, candy, lotion for the nurses & of course the wonderful bouncy seat donation! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Babywearing Week

I was going to post this closer to Sarah Grace's first birthday, but I am just now finding the time to make the collage & put my thoughts into words! So, Happy Babywearing Week!

On September 19th of last year, Sarah Grace was born.  We were praying that she would not follow in the footsteps of her older siblings & need to go to the NICU, but she wanted to be like them!  For some reason, this pregnancy & time after felt different to me. I think it was because I was so busy taking care of Hannah Kate (three years old) & Micaiah (almost two years old).  I didn't have time to stop & think about things so much.  I KNEW I was expecting & I was excited, but it just didn't seem quite real to me.  Sarah Grace spent only four days in the NICU (the shortest of all of our NICU stays), but even during that time I remember telling Wesley, "I don't FEEL like I have a baby."  I prayed about it, but I was embarrassed (I guess?) to feel that way, that I never said anything else.  When we came home, I made myself stop everyday during the older kids' nap & do kangaroo care.  I wanted to help the breastfeeding process & be able to enjoy this tiny baby (the biggest of all of my babies!).  Out of necessity, I wore her any time we left the house & during her fussy time most evenings. I had worn our other babies some, but not this much. Our church family joked that they had never seen her outside of "her pouch."  (Around six months, I was carrying her to class & someone said, "So THAT'S what she looks like!") 
A few months ago, I told Wesley, "Remember how I felt like I didn't have a baby & I was so concerned about bonding with her? Funny how she's the most attached to me of all of them!"  This girl LOVES her mama, & she LOVES to be worn.  I am so thankful for God's blessing of this precious girl & for the way that babywearing has helped us to strengthen our bond more. 

Moral of the story:  Keep calm. Pray. Wear all the babies!
Here's a post I did last December about babywearing information.  I need to do an updated one because I have a few more favorites since then!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sarah Grace's 1st Birthday

This past year has completely flown! We are so blessed & thankful to have three precious children to raise & prayerfully guide to Heaven.  We enjoyed a fun, spontaneous day at the pumpkin patch to celebrate Sarah Grace turning one!  We will have a party for her & Micaiah sometime in the next month or so. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

AiOH Season 2 Episode 3: Teaching Our Children to Have a Heart forMissions

Teaching Our Children to Have a Heart for Missions

Wesley & Denise are joined by Jack & Becky Honeycutt to discuss how to teach our children to love mission work.  The Honeycutts have been involved in mission work in other countries, especially India, for many years.  We hope that you will find some practical tips of ways that we can get our children involved in mission work from an early age!

**Since this episode was recorded, Jack & Becky have shared with us that there is a drought/famine in India. 
In fact, 57 children have been brought to the children's home at Rampachodavarm due to this. Of course, this means 57 more to feed and clothe and send to school. There is also always a need for money for medicine for the hospital and clinic.

These are things that our families can easily help purchase. Think coin jars, birthday projects, eating in once a month instead of eating out.  Let your children HELP with this! 

Complete Bibles - $3.00
New Testaments - 2 for $1.00
Songbooks - $1.00
Bicycles for preachers - $100.00 (These also come with a Petromax light)
Orphan support- $25.00 monthly
Widow support- $10.00 monthly
Milk cow for orphanages - $350.00
Pair of milk goats for widows/orphans home - $225.00

Contact Jack & Becky for more information:

GBN Documentary about the India Mission Work (well worth your time to watch, it's amazing....~Denise)

Photos Jack & Becky shared of the people of India:
On the way to worship services

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

AiOH Season 2 Episode 2-Because You Have Young Children

This episode covers a listener requested topic. Thanks to Kelly for messaging us on our Facebook page & asking us to address things we CAN do BECAUSE we have young children.  We were blessed to be joined by our friends, Tommy & Michelle Johnson, to discuss many good works that can be done in the church today with the help of our children.  They also had some great suggestions for help with worship, personal Bible study, & focusing on our marriage during this season of life.

Ways to Serve with Young Children:
  • hospital bags
  • baking/cooking
  • cards, drawings, paintings
  • prayer
  • visiting
  • making calls
  • play dates
  • donations (We have done NICU donations & the Johnsons have done children's home donations in lieu of birthday gifts.)
  • make communion
  • pick up communion cups
  • clean the church building (or just certain areas)
  • take children with you to purchase items for the church pantry, mission trips, etc. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

AiOH Season 2 Episode 1 Accepting Criticism

AiOH Season 2 Episode 1 Accepting Criticism
Welcome back for Season 2!  We appreciate the encouragement & support you have given us as we try to help & uplift other families who are striving for Heaven.  At the beginning of this episode we have some EXCITING news about Polishing the Pulpit. We are looking forward to meeting those of you who will be there.

  • It seems like no matter what we do, we will always receive some criticism or correction for the decisions we make as parents. The most important thing we can do is to receive it in a Christlike way. This episode was a listener requested topic.  We hope it will be an encouragement to you as you strive to make the best choices for your family!  

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Micaiah Update

Here's Micaiah's Update:

Common Micaiah sayings:
  • Thankyoufoodiscuse (Thank you for my food, may I be excused?)
  • Du-dozer (bulldozers,'s going to be a sad day when he stops calling them this!)
  • Johnny tractor
  • It's delicious!
  • After I ....., then I'll.....
  • But I might wike it (like)
  • You could hide! Then I'll count!
  • I want to wove on you (He would want to sit in my lap facing me & lay his head on my chest--sweetest thing ever!)
  • S'race (Sarah Grace)
  • I just a boy! (If we would say he was silly or a cowboy or anything like that)
  • It's too scary! (LOTS of things: the dark, loud noises....)
  • So I just did it (If we ask him why he did something)
  • A-B-A-S that says Ma-Caiah!
  • A-B-SUS that says Ma-Caiah!
  • Don't hush me! 
  • Don't say, "We'll see! Say YES!"
Some things Micaiah does not love: loud noises, going to sleep (ever since we got rid of his paci a month or so ago), obeying...., being "hushed," if we say "we'll see."

Some things Micaiah LOVES: cheese & crackers, milk (he drinks it all day long), playing outside, working outside with Daddy or Papa, playing with Sarah Grace, singing Trust & Obey or Standing on the Promises, reading books, Thomas the Train, riding the tractor, riding "my new tractor" (he's had it for several months but still calls it this), going to Bible class, singing songs even when he's playing, coloring, "writing," riding on the Ranger, checking cows, feeding the chickens, catching chickens, swinging on the swing set, going to Nana & Papa's house, playing with the big boys at church (Eli, Cody, & Ryder), jumping, jumping off of the steps at the church building.  

He likes to eat crackers, cheese, applesauce, anything in a pouch, bread, Papa's cinnamon rolls every Sunday, mac & cheese, biscuits, Cracker Barrel.  He is pretty much fully potty trained for during the day. He really likes to potty outside!  YIKES!

He is a VERY active & wild, at times, little boy.  We are blessed to be his parents!  


This jacket & bow tie was Wesley's, made by Nana

Mother's Day

This suit was Wesley's, made by Nana

Hannah Kate Update

I've had a running list on my phone for months of things to blog/journal about for each child. I am having a hard time keeping up!

Here are some common sayings from Hannah Kate over the past few months:
  • "conscusting" = disgusting....mainly diapers!
  • Why I cause......
  • "There is a Habi-Nation" is one of her favorite songs (There is a Habitation)
  • What can I even smell?!  (She has one of the most distinctive sense of smells around! She takes after her mama!)
  • Sure is!
  • Yummy yummy
  • I want to eat some chicken, bawk bawk
  • Scratching = itching
  • "Trach-tor" (tractor) & the big, cab John Deeres is "Johnny Trach-tor"
  • "Can I put on shoes so my feet can be fancy like I'm going to town?!"
  • day nap & night nap or dark nap (any sleeping times)
We sure do love this girl! Some things she really loves lately are coloring, making "projects" (any kind of art thing), going to Bible class, playing with her toy fairies & blocks, reading books, playing dress up, dressing up her stuffed animals & dolls, holding Sarah Grace's hand & rubbing her soft skin, playing hide & seek with Micaiah & Daddy, playing with friends, singing songs from the movie Frozen, playing at Nana & Papa's, eating sweets, going to the library for story time, snuggling with Mommy, climbing in our bed when she wakes up in the morning or after nap, watching Strawberry Shortcake, Daniel Tiger, Dora, or Frozen, asking, "Is it time for PTP yet?!," playing outside-sidewalk chalk, hopscotch, catching chickens, riding the toy tractor, playing on the swing set.  Her best friends are: Micaiah, Sarah Grace, Maggie, Mollie, Nola, Ryder, Addison, Matthew & Miles, Talya, Chi, Emery. She also asks often to go see Melanie, Ella, Kelsey, & Gracie or Brody & Karlee.  She is begging to "go to school & ride the bus," so we have decided to do a homeschool co-op this year even though she will only be in preschool.  She is disappointed that she won't be riding a bus, though!  She loves to do "school" at home including her Bible lesson "on paper," any kind of school work pages I choose, writing & coloring.  She can write H & something that she says is K for her name.  She can also write some other letters by herself (L, O, A, I, T, maybe others but I haven't kept a list).  She's doing great with Bible memorization work & loves to make up Bible songs for us to sing at Bible time.  Usually the song goes something similar to this, "God made everything, we love God, Our God is precious, He loves us, we obey Him, Our God, Oh God....," or similar phrases over & over.  It's pretty sweet.  She is going to be in at least two weddings over the next year & is convinced that when you get married, you become a Christian (because we pray for her to grow up to be a strong & faithful Christian & marry a strong & faithful Christian).  She also decided that she will just go ahead & get married herself at the first wedding.  She has told us that she is going to marry Ryder since he will be a Christian too.  She has told him that, but I told her she should probably keep that to herself for a few more years!  She is a great helper at home & can do a lot of things around the house independently as well.  

We are unbelievably blessed to be this sweet girl's parents.  So thankful for this opportunity.


Mother's Day


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hiding God's Word in Our Children's Hearts-AiOH S1E16

Hiding God's Word in Our Children's Hearts

We are excited to talk to Jeremy & Kerri Epling about how we can hide God's Word in our children's hearts. They discuss some great tips for memorizing Scripture, motivating our children, & retaining their memory verses. 

The order form for the CD Kerri mentioned in this episode is below.
Here are a couple of games that the Eplings mentioned as well
Write words on paper & have them jump to each word as they say the verse

Make a verse puzzle out of paper or poster board!
If a kid won't quote, neither should he (or she!) eat! Here's a blog post Kerri wrote about their family works Bible facts into their everyday routine.  (Their blog has some awesome ideas, so check it out while you are there!)

Monday, July 6, 2015

No more paci

When we got rid of hks paci, she screamed & cried for one or maybe two nights. 
M has been paci free since Friday night. He still asks for it every time he goes to bed, says, "I not a big boy. I want my paci," then he whines & disobeys for 30 minutes to an hour. 😳 Wesley said, "I think I'd rather have a night of screaming than this!"

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Arrows in Our Hand S1E15 "Child Training"

S1E15 "Child Training"

Wesley & Denise discuss some helpful tips on training our children.  We are either training our children to obey or disobey our instructions.  It's important for us to teach them to obey us, so that they will later learn to obey God.  

Polishing the Pulpit info:


Arrows in Our Hand Pinterest board 
Music: Summertime Happy Ukulele Background Track--Find more music by Nicolai Heidlas at
Artwork Provided by Shane Read Creative-contact Shane by email

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

AiOH S1E14: Leadership Training

Ben & Hannah Giselbach join Wesley & Denise on this episode to discuss the benefits of using Lads to Leaders in your family & congregation.  They discuss what activities are available for each age as well as some statistics that show the retention rate of individuals in the church who have participated in Lads to Leaders. 

After we recorded this episode, we saw this great article by Ben on A Legacy of Faith.  Check it out for great information too! How Lads to Leaders Can Help Families by Ben Giselbach on A Legacy of Faith 

Lads to Leaders
Ben Giselbach's Website
Ben's email
Hannah Giselbach's Website
Hannah's email

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

AiOH S1E13 Prayer in the Home

Season 1 Episode 13: "Prayer in the Home"
Prayer should be a vital part of our day. On this episode, Wesley & Denise talk about praying for our children & with our children.  It includes some practical tips for teaching your children to pray.

This week's resources:

Pray Your Hand: 
Thumb: immediate family-closest to your heart-Jesus 
Pointer: those in authority, teachers, coaches, principals, preacher, elders 
Middle: tallest-president/government, military
Ring: weakest-sick, hurting, bereaved
Pinky: yourself last 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Season 1 Episode 12 "Keepers at Home"

This episode is about the Biblical importance of having a keeper at home mom. Our sweet friends join us for this episode! 

"Emily Sneed’s goal was not always to be a stay at home mom. She and her husband, Andy, join us to discuss what changed her mind and how that has blessed their family.  We pray it will be an encouragement to you!"

Titus 2:3-5King James Version (KJV)

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;
That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,
To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Arrows in Our Hand S1E11 Training for Worship

Season 1 Episode 11: "Training for Worship"

Wesley & Denise talk about the importance of training our children to worship God.  They give practical tips & link some great resources.

~*~*Please pray for the families in Nepal who were touched by the recent earthquakes.  For more information on how to help financially, please listen to this episode of Culture Shock or visit The Manna Farm.*~*~

As I was looking for a picture to include in this post, I found the story that goes with the picture...So, here's the real story! It's a little bonus for those who are reading this post! This was from 2008 when we went to Jamaica on a mission trip. 
"Sweet Camille was sitting next to me Friday night. She asked me as soon as the sermon started for a piece of paper. I told her no because the girls had had some trouble with playing, writing, etc. during the sermon earlier in the week. As I started taking notes and following along during the sermon, Camille would look at my Bible and try to find the same scripture in hers. I leaned over and whispered to her, "If I give you paper, will you write what I write." She said, "Yes!" with a big smile. So, I gave her a piece of paper and that 7 year old little girl took notes for the entire hour long sermon. She would look at my notes, copy what I wrote and follow along in her Bible. She would circle the verses we were looking at. SUCH a GOOD GIRL! I was SO PROUD. I gave her some "sweetie" (M&Ms) and we bragged on her for a long time.

Here we are with our notes."

~Our very good friend Kerri Epling was a guest on this episode of Wifey Wednesday.  She & her husband have been great encouragers to us in lots of areas but especially in this area. We know the ladies will benefit from listening to this.

**Other Helpful Worship Training Links**
Check out Denise's Pinterest Board for more ideas about this topic & resources for each episode. 

Ready for Worship Podcast
~Help your family prepare for worship before Sunday morning.
~A great post about how to correctly use your church nursery

Sermon Listening Pages 
~Elementary age worship listening pages

Listening pages for non-readers
~Preschool/non-reader worship listening pages (with pictures!)

Legacy of Faith Worship Training Printables
~Several posts from Adam & Leah with family devotionals & several excellent printables to use in training your children to worship

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

AiOH Season 1 Episode 9: "Get to Work!"

Season 1 Episode 9: "Get to Work!"
Wesley & Denise talk about the Biblical importance of teaching our children to work. How can we teach our kids to be valuable working members of the church & our family?

**This Week's Resource

The Skelton family blog:
Arrows in Our Hand Facebook Page:
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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hk quotes

Hk: I like this day! I want to do it again! 

Hk during Bible time: Not me! Nope. I don't have sin. Except for good sin. 

(Later) Yep & Jesus died so we can go to Heaven. Isn't that wonderful?!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hk's prayer tonight: 
Help everybody to not get something that we have to pray for so we can just pray for regular things.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Arrows in Our Hand S1E8: Put Down Your Phone & Turn Off the TV!

There was a tiny mixup with the release--if will be released Thursday! Thanks! 

We hope you enjoy this episode.  This is something we think most parents struggle with in this day & time.  We certainly do!  This was a great reminder for us to be more diligent stewards of our time & hope it will be an encouragement to you.
Ephesians 5:16 "Redeeming the time, because the days are evil."

Season 1 Episode 8: "Put Down Your Phone & Turn Off the TV!"
Wesley & Denise talk about the value of preserving family time & discuss some practical do's & don'ts. 

The Skelton family blog: You're already here!
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