Wednesday, September 9, 2015

AiOH Season 2 Episode 3: Teaching Our Children to Have a Heart forMissions

Teaching Our Children to Have a Heart for Missions

Wesley & Denise are joined by Jack & Becky Honeycutt to discuss how to teach our children to love mission work.  The Honeycutts have been involved in mission work in other countries, especially India, for many years.  We hope that you will find some practical tips of ways that we can get our children involved in mission work from an early age!

**Since this episode was recorded, Jack & Becky have shared with us that there is a drought/famine in India. 
In fact, 57 children have been brought to the children's home at Rampachodavarm due to this. Of course, this means 57 more to feed and clothe and send to school. There is also always a need for money for medicine for the hospital and clinic.

These are things that our families can easily help purchase. Think coin jars, birthday projects, eating in once a month instead of eating out.  Let your children HELP with this! 

Complete Bibles - $3.00
New Testaments - 2 for $1.00
Songbooks - $1.00
Bicycles for preachers - $100.00 (These also come with a Petromax light)
Orphan support- $25.00 monthly
Widow support- $10.00 monthly
Milk cow for orphanages - $350.00
Pair of milk goats for widows/orphans home - $225.00

Contact Jack & Becky for more information:

GBN Documentary about the India Mission Work (well worth your time to watch, it's amazing....~Denise)

Photos Jack & Becky shared of the people of India:
On the way to worship services

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