Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas with Pa, Granna, and U-Dawg

After we left new baby Mollie at the hospital, we came home and loaded the truck and trailer (we were taking 2 cows and calves back to Daddy) and hit the road. Friday, we enjoyed the morning with Daddy, who was off work, then Mom got home and we went to run errands-Mom, Daddy, Michael, Hannah Kate, and myself. Wesley stayed at the house to work on his lesson for Sunday morning. Friday night, we went to Ma Coley's for "Christmas Eve." This is my most distinct memory of Christmas as a child-going to Ma Coley's on Christmas Eve to eat, spend time with family, and open presents. I was so excited that Hannah Kate got to do this on her first Christmas. I took my big camera and left my little camera at home.......big mistake. I didn't have the flash for my big camera and it was too dark. That taught me my lesson for Christmas, just take pictures and don't worry about having the "big" camera for everything. Anyhow, I took a few and then put it away. Celia was sweet enough to let us use her camera, so when I get those pictures, I will post them.

Saturday we did "Christmas morning" with my family. We woke up and ate steak and biscuits for breakfast (Coley family tradition) and then opened presents. Hannah Kate opened her presents and then went down for a nap while we opened ours.
U-Dawg read a book to Hannah Kate while we waited on breakfast.
Hannah Kate's stocking had snacks in it! I was making her a stocking for there, but it didn't get finished in time. So, for this year, she had a pink one that said, "My First Stocking."
Hannah Kate loves Pa!
She LOVED ripping paper on presents :)

Hannah Kate made this ornament for Granna and one for Nana (and two for us).
Reading a good Bible book
Time for a nap!
Hannah Kate loves Granna!
Some friends came over after we were finished with Christmas and naps (for everyone! yay!) and brought Hannah Kate a gift. She's ready to go check cows! (She just has to peddle with her feet!)

While Wesley loaded up the truck and trailer, my parents and I took Hannah Kate to meet Mr. Mark and Mrs. Twyla. Mr. Mark is an elder at the congregation where I grew up. They were excited to meet Hannah Kate. Mrs. Twyla said this "made her Christmas!" :)
After a quick visit, we met Wesley on the highway and headed for home.
The three hour trip took over four hours because we had truck issues. We were going 25 mph up Monteagle. I thought we were going to be stuck on the side of the road on Christmas Eve night. I prayed that we would make it home safely and quickly and that if we had trouble we would be somewhere safe. We pulled up in front of the house to unload, Wesley turned the truck off, and it wouldn't start again. Was God taking care of us or what?! Because of our late arrival and Wesley needing to finish his lesson for Sunday morning, we just ate and put Hannah Kate to bed. We were planning on doing our Christmas together Saturday night, but that didn't work. After I put Hannah Kate to bed, I went to take stuff to Mark, Jana, Maggie, and Mollie since they had just gotten home from the hospital. I ended up making three trips back and forth to their house to take stuff they needed (good thing we live close!) and then Wesley and I were up until 12:30 am working on his lesson. Fun times! More Christmas on the way!

Baby Mollie!

Maggie is a big sister and Hannah Kate is a big cousin as of last Thursday! Martha, Maggie and I went to the hospital to meet Mollie and Wesley came from work. Mrs. Ali stayed with Hannah Kate (who played her like a fiddle!......Hannah Kate apparently cried or screamed whenever Ali put her down, oh my-but they still had fun) and then we left for my parents' when we got back from the hospital (we left around 10pm). We were really sad that we couldn't stay longer, but we were thankful to get to see Mollie through the window of the nursery.
Big Sister!
This was Hannah Kate's first time to stay with someone other than us since she is old enough to know what's going on. We've only left her a handful of times (for Rachel and Leah's funeral, Wesley's graduation.....that's about it!), but we knew she'd be in great hands with Ali! We got home and Ali said, "Now, when mothers say, 'I can't get anything done,' I understand!" Poor Ali. Hannah Kate's going to have to work on her behavior!
Reading Bear Stays Up for Christmas with Mommy

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hannah Kate and her Stocking

Eating lunch by the fire on a Sunday afternoon
Hannah Kate loved her stocking I knitted for her last year! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sleepy girl

She was awake & playing. Then it got quiet. Hannah Kate fell asleep like this.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Big girl!

Yesterday, we put Hannah Kate down for a nap & I happened to look on the monitor.....good thing I did because she was standing up (at least on her knees I couldn't tell), leaning over the crib rail.....oops! Wesley lowered the mattress after her nap :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Fun

From the iPhone :)


Last weekend, Celia and Sarah came and had a slumber party with us and Hannah Kate! (Yes, we got Sarah TWO weekends in a row!) It was perfect because it was Wesley's first Saturday to work. We had a very fun time! Celia got a bunch of pictures on her camera, so hopefully she will share them. :)

Pinterest Party!

The first weekend of December, we had a Pinterest party! Everyone brought food from Pinterest and brought three ornaments/crafts to have a swap. It was lots of fun! It was extra fun because Sarah, Mindy, & Gracie came to spend the night Friday night and come to the party. Lots of fun times!

Here are the girls with their snowman shirts we made them on our trip to JC.
Mindy & I (mainly Mindy) made the girls these Christmas tree shirts. :)