Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ma Coley

(The first time she saw Hannah Kate in the NICU-the night she was born.)
My sweet Ma Coley passed away this afternoon.  She was a very special part of our lives and we loved her so much.  
Visitation for Ma Coley (Dot Coley) will be Monday, July 2, from 3:00-8:00pm at Alexander Funeral Home in Lafayette, and the funeral will be Tuesday, July 3, at 11:00am at Lafayette Church of Christ. Thanks to our church family for your prayers.

April 2011-in her Easter card to Hannah Kate she wrote, "I wish I could hold you everyday."

I already ate breakfast, hk was eating & Wesley was sitting down to eat. As soon as he sat down, hk said, "pray pray," & folded her hands. :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ultrasound-15 weeks

A sweet friend did these ultrasound pictures for us yesterday.  We had a perfect view, but it just wasn't clear enough to tell if we were having a boy or girl.  Oh well!

Doctor Appointment

We just got back from my appointment.  The baby's heart rate was in the 150s and sounded good.  I made all of my appointments for the rest of the pregnancy.  I can't believe that in October I start going every two weeks.  We totally skipped that the last time! On July 25th, I have an ultrasound and we will (hopefully) be able to find out if we are having a boy or girl!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Comparison 1

 I'm totally copying our friend Kellee, but the comparison photos were just too good not to copy! There won't be many since, you know, I wasn't pregnant the normal amount of time last time, but here we go.  This is the first comparison. I haven't done as well about taking belly pictures this time, so I was pretty astonished when I realized I had these pictures that were within a day of each other.  Nice.  Last time, I had a super cute baby bump. This time, I have a lump.  That's okay though.  Kellee pointed out that my last pregnancy was on fast forward.  I'd rather have a lump than be on fast forward!  Fun times.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Boy or girl?

Tomorrow, I will be 15 weeks and I'm having an ultrasound. It's pretty far fetched to think we might be able to tell if Hannah Kate is having a brother or sister, but you should go ahead and make your prediction now. :) Just in case.....We are so excited to be adding another baby to our family, we have NO preference and honestly NO clue if it's a boy or girl!
The poll is on the right side of the blog. :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

This week

This week Hannah Kate has:
~started saying her name (well, part of it)-if you say, "What's your name? Hannah......" she will say "Kat" or "Tat" for Kate-during Bible time yesterday, I was singing "God Made the Round Round Sun" and it names everyone in our family-she kept saying "Kat Kat Kat" before I could even get to Hannah Kate. :)
~started throwing her diapers away by herself-she's pretty proud of herself too-she will start saying "Yay" before she even gets to the trash can.  Now, if I can just get her to stop picking up another diaper out of the trash can after she puts the new one in. :)
~can say "ma'am" after I say, "What do you say to Mommy? Yes..."
~can roll onto her belly and slide off our (BIG) bed all by herself (she says "Yay" when she gets down too)
~carried her doll all over the house and slept with it.  Twice, I have looked on the video monitor and seen her snuggled up with the doll.  Yesterday and today, she woke up from her nap, said, "Baby!" grabbed the baby doll, and laid back down with her.
~managed to slide in and out of the railing slots in the fellowship hall all by herself AND get her head stuck (she has a bruise on her cheek to prove it)
~played in toilet water for the first time.  The guest bathroom was left open and the lid up today. Hannah Kate disappeared and was VERY quiet. I ran straight to the bathroom and there she was, holding her baby in one hand and splashing with the other--with a BIG smile on her face! YUCK!

She's also started driving!
Wesley built us a picnic table!
This was before her head got stuck!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

 Poor Hannah Kate was OUT on Sunday morning.  I had to wake her up to get ready for worship/Bible class and to give Wesley his gifts!
She cracked us up with his card....she handed it to him and said, "pook!" (book) for him to read it to her.  She did it again Sunday afternoon and Sunday night.

After services Sunday night, we took Hannah Kate to her first EGGS Devo (for the elementary and under kiddos). It was at a local school.
 Wesley went walking with Hannah Kate. He said a long ways before they got to the swings, she was saying, "Weeeeeeeee!"  I could hear her before I got to them when they were actually swinging.
We ended the night with a few books with Daddy and the doll.
We are so blessed and thankful for our blessings!  Can't wait until next Father's Day when we will have, Lord willing, TWO sweet kiddos to celebrate with us.

Father's Day Fun

 After worship services on Sunday morning, we went to Nana and Papa's for a yummy lunch.  We were finally able to take Mollie's picture in the overalls that Papa wore as a baby.  This picture of her is my favorite so far of all of the girls'. 
 I love this shirt I got for Hannah Kate from Carter's.  She loves her daddy.
 Papa and his sweet girls!
 And his sweet? boys :)
 Hannah Kate and Nana
 Hannah Kate and Aunt Jana
Fun times! We are blessed with great fathers in our lives.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

16 Months!

Hannah Kate is 16 months old (& 10 days, but who's counting?).  She is so fun.  She is talking a bunch and walking great. 

Diaper Size: 4

Weight: No idea

Clothing Size: She is wearing some 9-12 and some 12-18 month clothes.  The 12-18 are still pretty big, and the 9-12 are getting too small.  I'm about to just phase out her 9-12 stuff because she has SO much 12-18 for summer, I hate for her not to be wearing them!

Food Fun: She loves fruit. I seriously think she would eat it for every meal if I let her.  She loves strawberries (especially GOOD, fresh strawberries), blueberries (she is currently on blueberry restriction because she eats WAY too many and it has yucky effects!), cantaloupe (hearing her say this is hilarious, and she never says the same way twice), grapes, bananas, and sometimes apples.  She really likes crackers and ice cream and since VBS was last week.....COOKIES (she doesn't get cookies often, though). 

Fun Facts/Newest Tricks:
~She's walking great. She can balance well, stand up from sitting in the middle of the floor, even catch herself when she's falling and be almost on her bottom-but not quite-then stand up!
~When you ask her to say Jesus, she says, "me."  I realized the other day that maybe she was saying Jesus Loves Me, so I said, "Jesus loves....." and she said, "ME!" and smiled so big.  Precious!  She can even sing the "me" in the entire song of Jesus Loves Me if you stop to let her say it.  This might be my favorite trick of all.  She can also say "me" in the right places in the window song they sing in Bible class (I look at my window and what do I see? Trees swaying, swaying for me.)
~She can spot a Bible anywhere!  It can be hardback, paperback, big, small--she seems to know it's a Bible.  She will say "Bible" and then "awwwww."
~Giving kisses.  She leans in with her mouth wide open and says, "Mmmmm," as she kisses you.  Since Sunday, when we ask her to blow a kiss to someone she kisses us instead.  I'm not sure what's started that, but more kisses for us!
~She likes putting things inside something (like her purse) and taking them out. 
~She's started "singing" sometimes during services and today she did this in the car as we were driving.  I told someone that it's like she's a back-up singer because it's usually "ooooooohhhhhh."

Things Hannah Kate LOVES:
~Sitting in a laundry basket "seat."  Seriously. She's liked this since our stay at the Johnson's house-they had a doll pack n play that she sat in.  The past two days, she has been obsessed with the laundry basket seat.  Yesterday, she got in and sat there with books, laundry, and a few toys for an hour and a half!  When I took her out, she was not happy! 
(Can you tell we've been wiping her nose a lot lately?)
(Signing bird (her way) because a duckling is a bird)

~Walking. She LOVES to walk.  Anytime we get to the church building, she tries to get down and says, "wok wok!" She wants to do this in stores times.

~Reading books.  She brings us books ALL DAY LONG and says, "Ead! Ead!" and climbs in our laps.  I am glad she loves books.  :)
~Being outside.  She says "side! side!" and signs outside.  She mainly likes to "wok" or sit on her slide.  She can slide by herself and get back up the steps, but she really likes just sitting at the top of the steps/slide.
~Jimmy her giraffe paci........last week she started asking for him randomly. She will also go to her crib and say "seat! seat!" so that I will put her in the crib and she can sneak Jimmy in her mouth.....I'm wise to her game now, though.  I usually just tell her no and she cries for quite awhile.  She's only been getting Jimmy at bedtime, in the car, and during worship services for months.  Today, we didn't take Jimmy in the car, but I gave her a book to look at and she was fine.  The original Jimmy broke this weekend, so we have a spare paci and a separate stuffed giraffe.  She just keeps flipping him around looking for the paci.  :/
~Baby Signing Time DVDs.....anytime she sees the iPad or computer she asks for "baby, baby."

Things Hannah Kate Does NOT Love:
~Having her nose wiped
~Hearing the vaccum
~I am certain there are more things I will think stay tuned!

~peekaboo (it's not perfect, but I can't remember right now what she says), seat, book (pook), neigh, dog, hey!!!, hi!!!!, nana, papa, yuck, water, walk (wok), tractor, thank you, no (bo), puppy, hot, drink, eat, food, strawberry, bubbles, butterfly (bu fy!), go, phone, hello, night night, banana, biscuit, purple, bible, cold, me, bite (pite), cantaloupe, blueberries, up, down, frog, sheep, cow, meow, fish, cat, tree, please (peas), flower, dirty, car, read (ead), Cheerios, drink, milk (mik), outside (side), water, pizza, Daddy, Mommy, amen, hello, bye bye, cookie, cracker, cheese, bath (ba), pee pee, poop, yes, bird, bull, Bible, love you, see, shoe (she calls her feet shoes), choo (want you? I think.....she says this if she wants me to hold her), boo.....  (76!!)  I am sure there are more, that's just all I had documented in my phone. She can repeat almost anything that you ask her to say.
~Other words that she has said once or twice lately: Ali (/a/ ee) (that's her Bible class teacher), Angie, Sheri (She she), Maggie, Mollie, Granny, Carol, Gracie (these are in no particular order!)
~She has put two words together a few times "pite peas" "ead peas"

~book, milk, eat, food, dog, sleep, water, cold, hot, car, flower, dirty, all done, up, tree, dog, fish, yes (she can sign yes, but says "bo" while she signs it sometimes.......she's really against saying yes!)
~There is a "sign review" option on one of the DVDs.  On May 26, I did it with her and paused it each time as soon as the word and picture popped up.  The picture doesn't always give the word away (for outside, it's a door)....she "read"--up, bug, outside, grass, and possibly sun.  I need to do it again with her and see if she can read them.  After I did this, Wesley did random signs to her during supper and she would do the sign and say the word.  :)

(Not crazy about having her picture made at first)
(That's better!)
We LOVE our girl. We are so blessed!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Announcing & Ma Coley

We went to visit my parents and Ma Coley the weekend after my last appointment.  I had moved the appointment to the Friday before so we could make sure everything was still okay before we made the big announcement.  We told my parents by showing them some pictures of Hannah Kate. We had a giraffe picture from the zoo and then it went to the Guess What? pictures.  My dad was holding the laptop and he just got a huge grin on his face. My mom couldn't really see the laptop, but she kind of squealed when she saw it.  We told Michael the same way the next day. It was nice to get to tell him in person this time instead of on the phone. 
When we went to Ma Coley's on Saturday, we told Carol, Sarah, and Ma Coley the same way, with the pictures.  Carol and Sarah were excited and Ma Coley's response was the best of all, "Oh, I was hoping!"  :)  SO sweet.  Celia was in a wedding, so Sarah showed her the picture on her phone when they went to the wedding.  
Ma Coley is being cared for by hospice now. We appreciate our church family's prayers for her and our family.  She is hanging in there.

Somehow, I only took a few pictures at Ma Coley's for the whole weekend.
We told Wesley's parents on Sunday night when we got back (with the same pictures-Wesley changed his mind about using the toilet picture for them at the last minute!).  Martha said, "Oh, really?" and Dean smiled.  We finally got to tell Mark, Jana, and Melva Jean on Wednesday night before services when we were at Dean and Martha's for supper.  Hannah Kate got to wear her big sister shirt that night.  Brittany took a family picture of us at East Side. When I get that, I'll post it.