Friday, August 31, 2012

Memory Verse and "Reading"

Here is a video from tonight. 
Hannah Kate said sorry she's naked, but she's a baby! We will work on how she looks in front of the camera soon. Here she is "reading" a book and saying her memory verse. :)

PTP Phone Pictures aka Picture Overload!

 Um, I can't even caption all of these, but here are the PTP pictures from my phone. Yep, it's all of them. I didn't even attempt to narrow it down!

 Kyle & Kellee were both teaching on Sunday morning, so I had Karlee duty! :)
 I LOVE this picture of Hannah Kate "reading" her Bible during the last Sunday night session.  It's blurry, but that's okay!

 Bible Marking with Kathy Pollard-awesomeness
 Outdoor Youth Singing=Awesome
(Jason & Mindy borrowed Mollie for a little while)

 Mindy likes to borrow babies!

 James slept in his stroller everyday. If only Hannah Kate would do that!

 HK learned to say "strolllllllllller" at PTP.  I wonder why?

 Old Union "kids"

 Playing with Rebekah (our Crieve Hall friend from Nashville when we were in the NICU)

 Double stroller! Edy got really cute pictures of this on her camera that I'll share later.

 Ice cream for lunch on Friday-HK has the best parents!
 Asleep within 5 minutes!
 Stopped at Sweetwater Valley Farm on the way home. Yay Ag & Co-op!

Mini-Vacation 2012-After PTP

After PTP ended (around 11am on Thursday), we went to eat with the Cozorts and then we all took a nice long nap.  Then, we went to Old McDonald's Putt Putt with our friends the Johnsons.  It was Hannah Kate's first time to be at a Putt Putt place.  She loved the sticks and balls.  :)

She saw this huge display of candy and kept saying and signing "want pwease" to Wesley.  I think it's funny because she's never really had candy. 
Cracking me up-her first time on a carousel.
 After this, we stopped at Krispy Kreme for hot doughnuts for our supper (we fed our kid real food though).  So yummy!
On Friday morning, we checked out of the hotel and met the Duncans at Cracker Barrel. 

Then, the three of us went to Wonder Works.  Wesley really enjoyed it.  Hannah Kate wasn't too crazy about it, but I think the main reason is because she was sick and tired.
Here we are "flying" a plane while Wesley did the ropes course.
That is a massive bubble in between us and the camera!
Wesley....I mean...Hannah Kate coloring.
We stopped at Sweetwater Valley Farm on the way home and got some cheese and petted a horse.
Hannah Kate slept from 8:30pm on Friday until 10:15am on Saturday! She was worn out!