Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Wave

Hannah Kate was fussing during the sermon Sunday morning and Wesley stood her up in his lap. I looked over and saw her smiling SO BIG and doing a wave to Jeff while he was preaching. I was afraid she was going to mess him up! She's been a waving machine since then. It's not even a regular wave, it's almost like a pageant wave. So funny.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Trip to JC

We had a great visit to JC a week ago. It was a very quick and busy trip, but we did enjoy getting to see everyone. The main reason we went was because Hannah Kate had a session with Santa at Rebecca Marr's studio. I am extremely excited about the pictures and can't wait to share them with you. She has posted two for us on Facebook and they are awesome! Rebecca was sweet enough to schedule our session right after my friend Jennifer's session for her little boy. He was born about a week after Hannah Kate. Rebecca was also sweet enough to take this picture of us. :)
After Hannah Kate met Santa, we went to see Cousin Jenny & Bill. We lived with them for several months when we were waiting for our Murfreesboro house to sell. Hannah Kate enjoyed their cat.

Then, we headed over to Jason and Mindy's house. The kids were so excited to see us (um, Hannah Kate). Andrew met us at the car in socks. They had all kinds of baby toys and books ready for Hannah Kate. Gracie was excited to tell us they had washed every toy and wiped down every book to keep Hannah Kate healthy. :) Hannah Kate and Gracie rolled all over the living room while Wesley and Andrew watched a movie.

Mindy and I (mainly Mindy) made Gracie and Hannah Kate matching snowman shirts-we found the idea on Pinterest (of course!).

Sometime just before the weekend visit, Hannah Kate started recognizing cameras and flashing a huge smile as soon as we would raise it up to take a picture. It's pretty awesome.
We walked in the living room and Wesley said, "They have her favorite book!" We have this same book and Hannah Kate LOVES it!

This self portrait took about 3 tries!

We stayed with our sweet friends, Dempsey and Charlotte. They were so good to us and Hannah Kate really loved hanging out with Dempsey. They cooked us yummy food and we really enjoyed visiting with them! Here's Hannah Kate on their sunroom couch before we left for worship Sunday morning. (Nana made her this dress.)We had a great trip, Hannah Kate and I were completely exhausted by the time we got back. It was worth it, though!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

RSV Shot

This happened last Wednesday, but I couldn't get it to post from my phone.

After two months of phone calls & insurance company junk, Hannah Kate got her first of five doses of a very expensive shot to help prevent RSV complications. She weighed 8.43 kg (18 lbs 10 oz) & cried for a good 5 minutes after the shot. It was so sad. The nurse practitioner suggested that we keep her inside away from people (particularly church services) until April. We plan to still attend but--if you see us being extra protective & germ conscious again, you'll know why! Afterwards we were able to meet up with my high school friend Holly who is doing her residency at the hospital there. The last time we saw her is when we were there waiting to be transported to Vanderbilt to deliver babies! We are looking forward to seeing Holly again sometime-NOT at the hospital! :)Hannah Kate slept for 2.5 hours this afternoon! She was worn out!

Baby Food

I've posted on our blog about making baby food for Hannah Kate. It's really so easy and just takes a little time. Don't be discouraged by the first time-my first time making food, I think everything went wrong! I've got a system now and I'm so glad Hannah Kate is able to have homemade baby food.

Here's the site where I get the recipes for her food.

And here's a great article about choosing something other than rice cereal as baby's first food.

And here's a cute picture of Hannah Kate enjoying carrots for the first time yesterday. I promise, she stopped eating several times to look at the camera and smile. It was hilarious.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Family Pictures 2

Here is the first set of pictures from when Brittany came to hang out with us.
We went to check cows first. Hannah Kate and I had been enjoying doing that every day and with Wesley on his off days. This is our first Hereford calf of the year and Hannah Kate's first Hereford baby calf to see! Wesley followed this calf all around the pasture trying to catch it!

I gave Brittany Hannah Kate's owl hat to hold so we could have some pictures without it. Brittany grabbed her pockets a few minutes later with a panicked look-it had fallen out. Somewhere in the pasture! That hat took several hours to make, but thankfully she found it-it was wet.......we are hoping a cow just tried to nibble it!

Petting my favorite cow, Jeans.

I sat her on this log and was holding her hand-she didn't need me and she looks so proud of herself!Giving Mommy "kisses"

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meeting Santa

Rebecca Marr Photography rocks! Can't wait to see our pictures! Hannah Kate loved it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Family Pictures

Brittany came to take some pictures of our family a week or so ago. Here are the pictures from the end of our session. I'll upload some beginning ones next.
Thanks so much to Brittany for documenting these sweet moments!
I really wanted some pictures of Bible time with Hannah Kate since we do this everyday.
She can't pat the Bible yet, she likes eat the Bible MUCH better, but we still try.
She loves her bird that chirps!
Reading the book we read before every nap/bed time......even though she wasn't going to bed! :)
Hanging out with a very tired Daddy.

I wanted pictures of Hannah Kate and Wesley playing on the bed like they do every night, but Wesley was worn out and totally over picture taking time. So, I took some before bed that night. :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

9 Months!

Hannah Kate is so BIG! She was 9 months old on November 2. That is the point when most babies have been out as long as they were in....not Hannah Kate, she's advanced, we said that 3 months ago!
Diaper Size: 3
Weight: 18 pounds 8 ounces on November 2 (50th percentile)
Length: 26 3/4 inches (25th-50th percentile)
Clothing size: 3-6 months (I think she may be moving up to the next size by the end of the month)
Food Fun: current foods-butternut squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, green peas, pears, plums, Mum Mums, Puffs (she has only gotten one in her mouth so far, but she's practicing those fine motor skills!), oatmeal, and of course milk! (Foods in the freezer to try soon: pumpkin, potatoes, blueberries, carrots) Her favorites are still squash and peas. She does slurp up the pears though!
Newest tricks:
~Hannah Kate can sit up for longer periods of time. She still can't sit up all by herself, but if we hold her legs, she sits up quickly and uses her hand to push up on the side like she should. Just yesterday, she started going from sitting up to putting her hands out on the side to get on her belly like a big girl! AND, Wednesday she got up on her hands and knees and started rocking back and forth! We should have a crawler before too long!
~As of Sunday, she can say something that sounds like "Hey, Da Da," when she is prompted (sometimes). She is babbling away! Thursday, when I was praying with her, I said, "Please help Daddy have a safe trip home," and she started saying, "Da da da da da da." Yesterday, when her sign language dvd got to "Dad," she started babbling da da. Wesley said, "She can't do the sign, but she can talk!"
~Her new secret talent is clapping her feet together....hard....I don't see how she doesn't hurt her feet!
~She is an expert roller! She can roll all the way across the room without really stopping.
~She is still in love with chewing her feet and socks. Fun times!

Things Hannah Kate LOVES:
~During Bible time, Hannah Kate LOVES when I get out her bird that chirps. She has started singing during that song and during another one, but I can't remember which one right now.
~Being thrown in the air by her daddy. She laughs hysterically.
~Chewing anything and everything

Things Hannah Kate does not Love:
~Being restrained......unless she's eating, she's really not into being in her highchair anymore. That makes it quite difficult to do anything in the kitchen since I can't put her on the floor (she will topple over and crash her head on the tile!)! She also spends a decent portion of the day in her bouncy seat when I am restrained to the rocking chair and that's not going so well either!
~Naptime....sometimes.....this week has been much better.
.....I really think that's it. I may think of more things.

We are very blessed with this healthy, happy baby girl!
On to the pictures!
The picture above is of Hannah Kate in our favorite pjs! She loves to grab those monkey feet.

On this particular day, Hannah Kate fell asleep in her bouncy seat and decided that 20 minute nap before I could get her to her crib was quite enough. After lots of screaming (from her, not me!), I finally gave up and sat her up in the crib to let her play. She is starting to have bed head. :)
This is the happy face we normally see when we go to get her out of the crib.
We will not talk about how her legs hang off of the lamb now.......

with Daddy's wedding ring
This one cracks me up! I said, "Boo," to make her smile (because it usually does) and it startled her. She gets startled very easily!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


(this was her first day to try a sippy cup of water. She likes it now)

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Life is rough when you fall asleep like this

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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hannah Kate and I have enjoyed checking cows every afternoon.

This is Jeans....one of my favorite cows. I raised her as a bottle calf when I was a senior in high school. After a few years, my dad sold her. When Wesley's dad bought some cows a few years ago, the man who was selling the cows was going to take Jeans to the stockyard because she was so old. We talked him into throwing her in for free. She's just happy to be alive!

When Wesley is off, Hannah Kate and I like to go with him to check cows and tag new calves.

Checking cows is sleepy work....I had put her forward facing so she wouldn't go to sleep because I wanted her to take a good nap in her crib. It didn't work!

These next two were from Saturday. It was cold. I put two pair of pants, two pair of socks, 2 shirts, a jacket, and a pair of socks on Hannah Kate's hands to keep her warm. She was thrilled.

When I put her hat and her hood on, it was all over. She was so embarrassed! Don't worry, she stopped crying when we got outside and I bought her a "winter suit" thing this week, so she doesn't have to look like a homeless baby.

Hannah Kate and Mommy with Jeans.

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