Monday, May 27, 2013

Farm girl

Our little girl is growing up! It's her first time to bale hay! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hannah Kate-27 Months

I am getting more & more behind on these monthly updates! Yikes!
Clothing Size: 2T (a few 18-24m things too)
Diaper Size: 5, but hopefully soon no more diapers!
Shoe Size: 6, but they are getting tight
~Hannah Kate loves: to go see Micaiah as soon as she wakes up, doing "flips" in her room, singing everything (Dora, Signing Time, Bible songs), eating strawberries/prunes/crackers/yogurt/BBQ (butter-que), & to cook!
~There is a Signing Time song "I'm really good at....."  She will tell us, "Sing, 'I weawy good swiding!" & will sit on the slide until we sing it so she can slide.  She does this with pretty much any activity....seriously some days I feel like all I do is sing "I'm really good at...!"
~All of her babies are "Baby Moses."
~We have been doing one Bible lesson a week (repeating the Bible account with different activities each day) and by the second day or so, she can usually retell the whole account. (So far we've done: Creation, the flood, David & Goliath, Joseph, Jonah, Baby Moses, David the Shepherd.
~We have been working on using the potty.  She will go almost anytime we take her, but is just recently (this week) telling us as she is pottying in her diaper.....we are getting there.  She gets one M&M when she is successful (most times).
~When she says (she says them, not sings) the ABCs, she says, "Next time won't you sing wif Han Tate!"
~This week, she has been saying her name is "Han-nah Tate!" (No more "Han Tate")
~She calls Micaiah either 'Caiah or "My Caiah."
~I painted her toenails for the first time a few weeks ago & she loved it!
~She often says, "'Caiah are you watching Han Tate...." & will say whatever she is doing.
~"Dats funny!" & laughs :)
~"Yuck! Put it mouf"--when she knows she isn't supposed to put something in her mouth.
~She started speaking in complete sentences the week of April 10th. Some of her first sentences: I have one. I lost one. Where'd Blue go? I can't find it. Yay! We're home!
~She has started "reading" stories to herself.  They always end with "ve end!"
~We are still working on saying EVERY word in her memory verses--she tries to leave out the articles.  Apparently they aren't important.
~We are blessed!

I took these pictures by myself....that was "fun!"

Cute stories that I need to remember for her book:
~Wednesday, April 3-She got in trouble tonight for not staying in her seat in Bible class. On the way home, we were talking about how obeying & participating in class makes Ms. Jennifer, Mommy, Daddy, & God happy.  She then named off probably 50 things on the way home, "Make 'Caiah happy. Make 'Chelle (Michelle) happy, make twees happy, make house happy...." All. The. Way. Home.
~Saturday, April 6-Wesley has been working with her on answering yes/no questions since she couldn't do that in her evaluation for early intervention.  Today, she was telling him about feeding ducks, what animals she saw, etc.  Wesley: Hannah Kate, did you see a lobster today?  HK: YEAH! Wesley: No, you didn't.  Did you see an octopus today? HK: YEAH! (excitedly)  We're still working.......
~Monday, April 22-She came up to me & said, "Want trocolate, K! OK! OK! K!" Apparently if you say "ok" then Mommy will agree?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jonah & the Big Fish

This is kind of long, but Hannah Kate knows almost every word to her book about Jonah that we've been reading this week! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Amazing Grace

I knew she knew the words....I didn't know she knew ALL of the words!
She was cracking me up. I asked her to sing. She said "get it treat" as soon as the phone dinged that I was recording she just got busy singing!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hannah Kate was "washing" dishes this morning and I tried to recreate a picture my dad took of me when I was little......but the stinkin' kid would NOT look at me and smile......she just wanted to "wash!" It was a valiant effort though! And somehow she got the back of her pants soaked....explain please! 
Me....around age two


It is monsoon CRAZY raining! It thundered REALLY loud when we were eating lunch. Hannah Kate jumped & I said, "That's called thunder." Hannah Kate immediately said, "Noah's building a BIG boat!"
We might need one if it doesn't stop raining soon!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bible stories

Hannah Kate just threw her baby doll across the room. I asked what happened & she said, "throw baby deep dry well!" What story is she reenacting? Joseph of course!

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.

When I grow up, I want to be just like Mrs. Corrine! She loved the Lord, was always smiling, & loved to tell me about how Wesley told her they were going to name his new baby brother "George." :)
I'm so glad that Hannah Kate got to meet Mrs. "C'rine" and love her too.

Psalm 116:15 "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."
June 2011-Hannah Kate's first time to meet Mrs. Corrine

September 27, 2011-Hannah Kate's first Pampered Chef party

January 29, 2013-Every time we went to visit Mrs. Corrine after she was sick, she would say, "I wish I could be at East Side. I feel like I haven't been there in years!"

March 25, 2013-We made a very spur of the moment trip to see Mrs. Corrine. I was SO glad we did. Hannah Kate even prayed, "Tank ou (for) Mrs C'rine" while we were there.


We are turning into pioneers. Last Wednesday we went to Bread Beckers ( in Woodatock, Georgia, to buy a grain mill, grain, & accessories to start milling wheat in our kitchen. So far, so good! It's so much easier than I thought when Christy started telling us about it a couple of years ago. Then, Beth started telling us about her family doing it now & we went to her house for a lesson. We've made all kinds of goodies so far! (There are a ton of videos on their website if you're interested in learning the whys & hows of doing this! It's much healthier, tastes yummy, & I can already tell a difference in Hannah Kate's tummy issues!) 

Our first loaf in progress

Rolls that didn't have enough time to rise & brownies
Cinnamon rolls-so yummy! 
Wesley had the urge to make biscuits this morning....
....if only the dishes washed themselves!

I saw on Facebook this morning that there is a giveaway going on today for a grain mill here:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Digging Deep in God's Word

This is the second year that I have been a part of the "Digging Deep in God's Word" Bible study.  It originated from a lesson Sis. Cindy Colley did at Polishing the Pulpit and has grown into a rather large Facebook group of ladies who study a specific book of the Bible/topic that concludes with a podcast each month.  There are literally ladies from all over the world who are participating in this study.  Isn't that amazing? Some ladies from our congregation have been meeting each month to discuss the study amongst ourselves as well.  I will admit that I did really great to begin with.....then not so great....then great again...and then I had a baby and I fell off the wagon for a month or two.  BUT, now I'm trying to hop back on and develop better study habits for myself so I can grow as a Christian and encourage my church family and my home family as well.  If you aren't a part of this study already, please click on one of the links above and join us!  If you have questions, please let me know!
Now, on to what I was going to actually say. :)  In the month of April, we studied the book of Hosea.  I have never actually studied this book before, and it was good for me to really understand better the process that God has gone about to allow us the opportunity of salvation.  The book of Hosea is all about God's people (Israel) being given an opportunity to return to God before being put into captivity.  Hosea represents God and Gomer (his harlot wife) represents the church.  Hosea gets to experience some of the pain God feels because he takes on a harlot as his wife (by God's instruction) only to have her leave him to be a harlot again.  God then instructs Hosea to buy her back!  Can you imagine having your spouse leave you to do something as horrible as harlotry and then BUYING him back?  That's just what God has done with Israel and us.  He allowed Israel the opportunity to be saved by following him and then purchased them/us back with the death of His Son.  If you would like to hear a great lesson about Hosea that explains this all way better than I just did, click here.  :)

Some things that popped out at me from this study:
~Israel had a whole list of sins that hurt God. One was in Hosea 7:3-they pleased the king with wickedness and lies.  There are people in this world that we do NOT want to please.  There are influential people in our government who would be very pleased if I agreed with them on their views about homosexual marriage or abortion or many other topics.  They are not who I need to try to please.  Acts 5:29 "We ought to obey God rather than men."  John 12:43 "For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God."
~Ephraim also exalted himself in Israel (Hosea 13:1) It is important for me to be cautious in how I word things that I may say to ensure that others do not think that I am exalting myself.  It is important that I choose to do without some things if I feel I am putting more emphasis on them than I am on God.  My desires do not come first.  God's plan for my life is not for me to "be happy." I do not have to have everything I want!
~Idolatry was a huge part of Israel's problem.  Idolatry is anything that gets in the way of my devotion or dedication to God.  Some examples that were given in the podcast were: sports, money, careers, exercise, hobbies, entertainment, family, friends, anything that we place before God.  This really hit home for me.  How devoted am I to God? How much time in my day to I devote solely to Him? Do I spend time doing things that I enjoy instead of spending time studying His Word or spending time teaching my children about Him?  Sometimes I can look around at others in the world or even in the church and think, "I'm doing a better job than them because.....," but that isn't the point and really shouldn't be something I even think!  Am I spending more time on Facebook than I am studying?  Am I (or my children) spending more time studying for worldly degrees or education than I am studying the Word of God or working on assignments for Bible class? Am I spending more time doing "fun" things in the world than I am spending in Bible study, church activities, or fellowship with my brethren?  Many of you may know that we do not have a television in our home.  I am thankful that that distraction and many forms of ungodly entertainment have been removed from our home, but I still need to do better with how I spend my time.....i.e. Facebook or just wasting time on the internet....OUCH! 
~Ephraim became "mixed" among the people Hosea 7:8--How much time am I spending with my Christian family? How much time am I spending with people of the world?  It is important for us to remain in the world and be a light (Matthew 5:16), but who should my closest friends be? With whom should I spend the majority of my free time?  I am not saying that we shouldn't have friends who are not Christians, but my friendships and the way I chose to spend my time should be helping my family get to Heaven.  One of my good friends shared her notes from this study with me and I highlighted this: "The company we keep will affect our eternal destiny. 1 Corinthians 15:33 "Do not be deceived: Evil company corrupts good habits." I vividly remember another good friend several years ago who told me that she was going to quit a sport that she really enjoyed. She had studied this verse and had come to the conclusion that nothing good would come from her being involved with her teammates (who were very worldly).  The sport was something that was harmless in itself and she really enjoyed it. (Aren't all of those idol examples listed above things that are harmless just by themselves?) She chose to give that up and not spend a large portion of her time with people who had the potential to discourage her spiritually and pull her away from God.  It encourages me to be around my brethren.  It makes me sad when I see some of my brethren who choose to spend the majority of their time with people who are outside of Christ and participate in worldly things with them.

I feel like I may have rambled a bit, but these are the things that jumped out at me the most from last month's study.  This month, we are studying Sanctification in Matthew. I hope you will join us!

God's Promise

Last night on the way to Bible study, we saw a faint rainbow. I was trying so hard to get Hannah Kate to see it. "Look out your window! It's by the trees! Look by the clouds!" Hannah Kate just smiled really big & looked everywhere but at the rainbow. 
On the way home, she kept asking, "See promise!" (A rainbow is God's promise you know!) We tried explaining that it was dark & we couldn't see the rainbow anymore. The whole way home she was saying, "See promise! Oh! By your foot! By your toes! By your tongue!" What a fun & silly girl! May we all be so eager to watch for God's promise. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Polishing the Pulpit

Okay, friends. I will share one more time & hush about PTP! PLEASE PRAY about attending & discuss this with your family if you haven't already. I promise you will not regret it. I know for some the dates/expense/time from work makes it difficult, but it is worth it. This is our family vacation & the highlight of our year. Save a little each month & go!! Your family will grow spiritually & you will be glad you went! Okay, I'm done (for a little while). :)

Micaiah 5 Months

Weight: bigger than he was last month :) evidently he looks small.....because another mom at the library today was surprised he was 5 months old....but her baby was a big butterball!
Diaper Size: 2 in Pampers, medium or one size in cloth
Clothing Size: 3-6 months

Fun Facts:
~Micaiah has been sitting up like a big boy on the pew during worship services.  I had been sitting him in between the end of the pew & myself.  He sat up for half of the service one day!  We took the Bumbo seat, & he sat there during part of one service during our gospel meeting.
~This week was the first time I have had to take him out during services for being fussy.  Of course, he has just started really going on a nap strike this week....
~He started attending his Bible class this past month.  He LOVES it.
~He is VERY social!  He loves to smile & laugh at anyone who will pay any attention to him.
~He rolled from back to belly on April 18 & from belly to back on April 22.  He is now a really good roller!
~He is good at having his picture taken.  Mrs. Renita took his picture at the youth day this weekend & he smiled as soon as she lifted the camera up to take a picture.
~He can hold toys & bring them to his mouth now.
~He can almost grab his feet. He grabs his pants leg on his shin area now.  We've been practicing with him grabbing his feet, but so far he's only done it once.
~He is really good at tummy time now & raising his head up so well.....& then he rolls himself over super fast.
~He can put his paci in by himself most of the time.
~He's been drooling & chewing a LOT....& I *think* I can see teeth on the bottom coming.

Things Micaiah LOVES:
~Being talked to, played with, given any can tell he's the second child & doesn't get as much attention at home!
~Bible class & Bible time at home (he loves someone singing to him)
~7-8am is his happy time.....he loves to smile, laugh, & coo
~to laugh!  & it's the best laugh ever!

Things Micaiah Does Not Love:
~Being outside/in the sun
~Sometimes lying on his back on the activity mat.....sometimes he just screams until he realizes he has toys
~Going to sleep.....sometimes.....I hope this stops soon!  He fussed so much yesterday he rolled himself over in bed.  Hopefully, he will go back to the great sleeper that he was.

We love this precious boy!

I was having a hard time taking these pictures because he was rocking back & forth so much!  I looked down at my camera for a second & he was like this:
Hannah Kate was cheering, clapping, & a little too excited about him having rolled over.....I am pretty sure she flopped him over, but he didn't seem to mind!

Gospel Meeting

We've had a great week at our gospel meeting! Last night was our last service together. We enjoyed so much the biblical lessons that were presented each evening. Wesley & I can't wait until we can listen to the CDs ..... without distractions from children :)
We were blessed to witness two people put Christ on in baptism to be added to the Lord's church (Acts 2:38, Romans 6:3-6). The first was on Tuesday night after services. After our new sister Amanda was baptized, Hannah Kate loudly announced, "make God happy!" During the prayer afterwards, she kept praying "Make God happy! Make Jesus happy! Make Han Tate happy!" Then she told everyone, "Wittle girl baptize go heaben!" (Everyone is either little girl or boy to her)
The second was last night. Our sweet friend Emery obeyed the gospel. Hannah Kate prayed during her bedtime prayer, "tank you em'ry 'aptize!"
Since this was Micaiah's first gospel meeting, we took his picture with our Bro. Chris Clevenger. Chris is working now with the Riggs congregation in Chapel Hill & Bro. Tom Holland. Hannah Kate's first gospel meeting was with Bro. Holland!
Chris & his wife Melissa came over yesterday to have lunch & fellowship with us. We had a great time & Hannah Kate has some new & special friends. We are looking forward to seeing them again at PTP.