Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Blessing of Christian Family

This week has been super busy & super blessed! Friday night, we welcomed Robert & Emily into our home to stay with us (this was also the first time we officially met them!). Saturday was our youth day, & Sunday began our gospel meeting. We've enjoyed several great meals at the building before services, but the spiritual food has been the best. We are ao thankful for this week The Lord has blessed us with. On the way home tonight, Wesley said, "Well this's over." Tonight, we are thankful for new Christian friends & the encouragement they've been to us this week! Hannah Kate & Micaiah have loved every minute of having Mr. Robert & Mrs. Emily here with us. We are going to be pretty sad when they leave us in the morning! (Micaiah even started saying Robert!) 
Be sure you check out The Light Network ( & see all of the great podcasts that are available to uplift & teach you in your study of God's Word. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Baby Appointment

Baby appointment today! Hannah Kate & Micaiah enjoyed the bibles that were in the room while we waited on the doctor. Hk said she would pretend she was preaching & singing for a ladies day :) Baby's heartbeat was in the 150s. (HK liked getting to hear it-she told the dr that baby was laughing!) May 9 is anatomy scan day & an early one hour gestational diabetes test (sadness, but praying I pass!). 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hk sayings

On Tuesday, Melva Jean jokingly told Hannah Kate & Mollie that her name was Phyllis. They thought this was hilarious. Hk has called people Phyllis since then & told lots of people our new baby will be named Phyllis. Tonight, she prayed, "Thank you for our 'nother baby named Phyllis." Wesley & I barely held it together! 

Micaiah fell part of the way underwater in the tub. 

Hk: mommy Micaiah was baptized!!! He was baptized!! He's in Heaven now!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Farmhand Wanted.....Coming Soon!

Top three photos courtesy of our Great Brittany! :)

We had suspicions that we were expecting, but I kept putting off taking a test.  We all know about our pregnancy history & I just didn't want to have something to worry about-or try NOT to worry about!  I finally broke down & took a test on February 18th.  The doctor's office had a cancellation & I went in right after lunch-aka right before nap time-with both kids.  I LOVE my doctor's office.  There are so many reasons why, but on this day, they were SO good with our kids.  Everyone spoke to them & was extremely accommodating. Hannah Kate asked every single person if they had a "stethoscope that goes thump thump."
And yes....she did fall OFF of the table....and I barely caught her. Nice!

We had an ultrasound & baby measured several days behind what we thought the date should be (measured 6w3d). It was enough days to change the due date to October 11th (but I didn't realize that until the next appointment).  Heart rate was 118, which the ultrasound lady said was "perfect."  Dr. C said I could keep running as long as I only jogged.  She also said Wesley should give me an iPad mini for having a baby (that was to be my prize if I ran the whole 5K).  :)  I ended up stopping running a few weeks later because of migraines/nausea related to pregnancy....after almost getting sick three times in a row, I decided I was done running for now!

This was the latest that we've ever taken a test, & we still waited quite awhile to tell anyone!  We were kind of proud of ourselves! We were excited, but we just didn't go around spilling the beans.  :)  The first person who we told was Kellee & that is because she asked if I was expecting! She knew with Micaiah too.  She just sent me a text & asked.  Too funny.  She has some great intuition.  :) (No one else get any ideas thinking you can just ask that, though!)

I went back to the doctor on March 20th & that's when I figured out the due date had changed.  My doctor is awesome.  I was super nervous at this appointment because this was the time frame when we found out things were really wrong with our pregnancy with Hannah Kate, Rachel, & Leah,  So, she sent me for an ultrasound to make me feel better.  Baby measured 10w5d & heart rate was 179.  Dr. C recommended waiting until 13 1/2 weeks to tell people because she said the miscarriage rate drops to 3% we decided to keep waiting before we told anyone.

We were ready to tell our family this weekend, but I hadn't been to the doctor in a few weeks & wouldn't be going back until next week.  It's still too early to feel baby move, so I really have no way of knowing that everything is okay.  I asked if I could just run in & do a doppler to hear the heart beat.  I mainly wanted to do this because I really didn't want us to tell Hannah Kate & then something happen. She doesn't forget anything, and I didn't want to have constant questions about it if something went wrong.  Again, my doctor is amazing.  They called & told me to run in Thursday morning (the 10th), & when I got there, they had me do a quick ultrasound.  I was totally not expecting that, but I will take it!  Baby looked great (didn't do measurements) & heart rate was 154.  When we left, Hannah Kate said, "Why did she put that magic jelly on your belly?"  I told her it was so the special camera could see what was inside.  She said, "It was a baby, Mommy.  There's a baby in your belly because we're having another baby!!!!"  I have no idea how she came up with this other than she is brilliant! Ha!  I tried to brush it off, "I'm not sure why you think that.  Do you know what kind of cool stuff is in your belly that God made?" & she didn't say anything else about it.  This girl!!  :)

Here is the video of when we told her Thursday night.  She was super excited to tell our family that night & this weekend!

Due Date is October 11th, but I will not go past 37 weeks due to the classical C-section I had with the girls--that puts us at September 20th, which is a Saturday.  She said if all is going perfectly, we can do the Friday before or Monday after......but we know how well our children cooperate!
We are thankful for this amazing blessing & ask for our church family to pray for a healthy mommy & baby & that this baby will grow up to be a faithful servant of God!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Micaiah 16 Months Old

These photos are all courtesy of Brittany's session with us last week!

I cannot believe that Micaiah is 16 months old.  He is acting like a big boy now, but he also still seems like such a baby at the same time.
Clothing Size: 12-18 months, Shoe Size: 4Diaper Size: Medium/3
Fun Facts:~He is generally the happiest boy in the world, as long as you don't try to put him down right after he wakes up.  He seriously wants to be held for at least 20 minutes after waking up or he gets hysterical.~He has started playing on the "stage" area in the auditorium with the "big" (toddlers) kids after worship. He thinks he is SO big!  There are two little steps, but he knows to back down on his belly.~He is walking full time now!!  He started really walking around March 2nd.  ~He loves to blow kisses if you say, "Tell ____ love you."  He loves to give Hannah Kate hugs & kisses too.  He always gives her the best ones. He will not hug us for anything, only Hannah Kate.  Last week, she was crying & he came walking over to her super fast to hug & kiss her.  It was THE sweetest thing ever.
Food Fun:~Food is not fun these days. Micaiah has a few things he likes & he is not even a tiny bit interested in anything else.  The bad thing is, the things he likes are not veggies & fruits.  :(  Ugh.  ~He does have a new favorite: oatmeal. I fix one serving of oatmeal (the real kind with milk & oats) in the morning & he eats most of it & Hannah Kate eats about 4 bites.  I did get sneaky yesterday & today & added vanilla & peaches to it, so he did eat peaches (a first!!).  I have no idea how long that will last though!~He has started drinking whole milk & is finished nursing.
Things Micaiah LOVES:~Shoes!!! Seriously!! I have never seen a baby love shoes like he does.  His favorite are Hannah Kate's sparkly silver shoes or his boots.  He brings them to us, yells, "AHHH!" or now "SHOES!" & sticks up his foot.  Sometimes he will sit down to put them on & sometimes he will hold on to something & hold out his foot.  ~The chickens & Bell Bell--he LOVES going to see them each day. Today, he proudly let the chickens out of the coop!  The only problem is, I did not want them out, so I had to round up 17 chickens.  Nice.  I saw them running out & he squealed really loud & took off running after them. He was so proud of himself.  He loves to stand at the window & call for Bell.  She usually comes running from the barn & will sit under the window until he leaves.  So sweet.~Going outside-sliding, swinging, riding in the wagon & sitting on tractors are his favorite things to do.~He has had one favorite book until last week-now he has two.  One is a picture board book that has animals & one page has a tractor.  He opens it to that page & waves, says "bye bye," or just carries it around with that page open.  Aunt Jana gave him "That's Not My Tractor" & that is his new favorite now!~He really loves Daddy & Papa.  They were working on the lawn mower in the yard Saturday & he just stood at the window watching & calling out to Papa.  ~Playing in the play kitchen, getting things out of our kitchen drawers to take to the play kitchen, & sitting at the little table in there.
Things Micaiah Does Not Love:~Eating foods that are not on his favorites list   ~Having his diaper or clothes changed
Words:~BEH (Bell), arf arf, bye bye, cracker (he said this for a few days), GO! (to Bell), good girl, quack, bawk bawk (chicken noise), shoes, Bible, hi (The first time he said this was after Bible study last week-he walked over to Mr. Harry who was sitting on the "stage" area, leaned over to him & said, "Hiiiiiii." It was the sweetest thing!), grow (in Bible class-read your bible everyday & you'll grow, grow, grow).~We asked him one day what you do when you see a tractor & I promise he said, "I wave." It was plain as day! Wesley & I immediately looked at each other "Did you hear that?!"  Of course, he has not said it again!
Signs:dog (2/24), flower, more, tree, bird, baby

This boy is such a blessing!

Hannah Kate Update

Our sweet, silly girl is acting like SUCH a BIG girl these days!
~She talks allllllllll of the time! Mostly, she asks questions-that's why she's so smart, right?!  "Why?" was the question of the minute for about a week. Then, it changed to, "What would happen if...?" (if I don't do...., if we drive on the grass, if we eat too many cookies....ANYTHING you can think of!)
~I backed into a parked (illegally parked) car at the library in December.  Nine times out of ten she asks me while we are driving, "Did you get hit by a car, Mommy?" She is referring to that incident.  She will NEVER let me forget it!
~She likes to pretend "it's my birfday party," & has been inviting all of her friends to her birthday party "on February 2nd." (of next year!)
~She loves to play "PTP, Bible class, & worship" all of the time.  She tells us, "We're going to sing twoooo songs, & then go to Bible class."  She loves to act out Bible stories-mainly Lazarus, The Good Samaritan, & Joseph.  For a few weeks, every night when we would put her pajamas on, she would want to lie on the floor with just her underwear & be "the hurt man." Micaiah is the priest, Wesley is the Levite, & I am the Good Samaritan.  She really likes when I put her on the donkey (my knee) to take her to the inn!  :)  She would ask, "Can you beat me?" One day, she kept telling me, "I beated Mi-Caiah!"  I would answer, "I hope not! That would not be nice."  Then, I went into their room & found his socks on the floor.  I asked who took them off, & she said, "I did.  I beated him & taked off his socks!"
~She does not like socks or tights.....she says, "It's messing wif me!" Her main problem is the seam along the toes.  I don't think I ever put any on her without her crying.  She also detests having her hair sprayed/combed.
~Frequent sayings, "I'm talking about.....," "Did you get hit by a car?" "I'm getting busy (dizzy)," "It's hard to wait," "Three years olds don't cry," "You're welcome too!"
~She also calls short sleeve shirts "sleeve shirts."
~Most of the time, she is the best big sister.  :)  She loves sharing a room with Micaiah or helping him get or do things.  He LOVES her too!

We love this girl!  We are so blessed!

Phone Pics From September 2013--found this saved as a draft