Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Blessing of Christian Family

This week has been super busy & super blessed! Friday night, we welcomed Robert & Emily into our home to stay with us (this was also the first time we officially met them!). Saturday was our youth day, & Sunday began our gospel meeting. We've enjoyed several great meals at the building before services, but the spiritual food has been the best. We are ao thankful for this week The Lord has blessed us with. On the way home tonight, Wesley said, "Well this's over." Tonight, we are thankful for new Christian friends & the encouragement they've been to us this week! Hannah Kate & Micaiah have loved every minute of having Mr. Robert & Mrs. Emily here with us. We are going to be pretty sad when they leave us in the morning! (Micaiah even started saying Robert!) 
Be sure you check out The Light Network ( & see all of the great podcasts that are available to uplift & teach you in your study of God's Word. 

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