Friday, February 28, 2014

Hannah Kate quote of the month:

"Why do flowers die? I don't know why. That's crazy   That's making me freak out. Some kids freak out when flowers die."

This continued for a good 10 minutes asking & repeating this over & over! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Links I Love

I am rarely on my computer for the internet lately, & I can't figure out how to share links on my blog without them being all linky here's a way overdue Links I Love :)

Zion Isaiah Blick - a very touching video by a dad about his son who made a big impact during his ten days on this Earth. Of course, I cried.

Special Delivery Book- I think I may have posted about this before, but this is a charity that sends a board book about different babies to families who have lost babies under one year to use to explain to their other children what happened.  We love it! (Disclaimer, it does allude to the babies becoming angels, which is not supported by Scripture, but I just say they went to Heaven.)

How to Lead Your Family in Home Devotionals-We are big believers in Family Bible Time.  Adam Faughn gives some practical tips for how to do this.

A Step Towards Healing-My friend Melissa talks about some big lifestyle & eating changes they are making for better health!

Crafty Keeper at Home-My sweet friend K has a great blog that I have shared before.  She has awesome Bible class & Family Bible Time ideas, & they are also making big eating changes for better health.  She has been sharing recipes & what worked or didn't work each week!

Do You Want to Be a Good Mom?-A great post by our friend Emily-can't wait to meet her in real life when her husband comes to do our youth day & gospel meeting! Be sure you check out her podcasts while you are on her blog!

Why Miscarriage Matters When You're Pro-Life-This is SOOOO good.  It reminds me of our friend Kristy saying we are not being consistent if we don't count babies in the belly when we count our church attendance.  :)  There are GREAT thoughts here & I really encourage you to read it & think about how to help when a friend has a miscarriage. (Disclaimer-there is a bare belly pregnancy picture at the top)

Photographer Captures Beautiful, Loving Glimpse into the NICU-I LOVE this LOTS & LOTS! I REALLY want to help document NICU babies & their families.  I haven't pursued it a lot yet because it is hard to leave my kiddos at this point, but when they are bigger, I will!

Swaddled with Love

WOW!! Hannah Kate said, "Those mommies & daddies will be so thankful & the babies will be so warm!" 
Look at all of that LOVE! HUGE thanks to all of those who have donated for Hannah Kate's birthday project! We have set a date for delivering these to Vanderbilt & visiting with our favorite nurses. We can accept donations through March 1. If anyone else has anything to donate or would like to make an Amazon purchase. Here's the link & thanks again for celebrating our girls' birthday by showing love to these NICU babies!


We were so proud of Hannah Kate last night when she recited the whole KidSing General Knowledge card. That is 29 Scripture references! (I did technically tell her one, but she was overly excited & not paying attention-she knows them all! & Please excuse the cloth diaper she wanted to wear OVER her clothes!) 
Here is more info on KidSing.  Our congregation does not do this as a whole, so we do it at home.  :)

"Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You." Psalm 119:11

Saturday, February 22, 2014

THE Big Snow

We were ecstatic to get a REAL, BIG snow!!  After our "little snow," the forecast was calling for 1-3 inches, then 2-4, then up to 6.  It changed about every 5 minutes to an hour, so I wasn't really banking on it, but WOW!  I was up a few times in the night & each time, I checked & was amazed!  The temperature that day was supposed to be warm, so we knew we needed to get out FAST & not wait around like we did the day before.  We ate breakfast quickly & headed out to build a snowman.  Once the snowman was built, Micaiah woke up.  By the time I got back outside with him, it was like it was raining because the snow was melting so fast off of the trees.  We had anywhere from 8-10 inches total depending on where you measured. It was fantastic!  It melted pretty fast, but thankfully we had enough to make it last a little while!  Hannah Kate LOVED it! Micaiah did not love it at first, but he did later.  (He really did not love riding on the inner-tube behind the four wheeler!)

The Little Snow Before the Big Snow

 On February 12th, we got some snow.  The forecast showed it snowing all day, so we waited until after lunch to go play.  Sadly, the temperature warmed up & it was all melty & raining by the time we got out there.  Hannah Kate had been begging to build a snowman for months, so we built a snow/dirtman.  I was highly disappointed, but thankfully Hannah Kate really didn't know any different.  She was just excited to build a snowman.  As soon as it resembled a snowman, she started singing, "Frosty the Snowman."  It was precious.

 After Hannah Kate & Wesley came in from playing, he made snow cream.  Hannah Kate wasn't a huge fan of "snow ice cream," she requested "real ice cream."  :)