Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wide Awake

It's 11:40pm on a Saturday night & Hannah Kate is still awake & wound up. She's been in bed for two hours. 
Me: Hk you need to settle down & go to sleep
Hk: & then will it be time for Sarah Grace to come out?
Me: hopefully not 
Hk: when Dr C CUTS your belly OPEN & takes Sarah Grace out, will she have clothes to put on her? & diapers? Does she have diapers? And how will she be warm when Dr C CUTS YOUR BELLY OPEN?! 
Me: she will wrap her in a blanket & give her to Mommy
Hk: OH.......(long pause) ..... Do they have a SINK to wash her off? & a lot of diapers?! 
Then she went on to tell me a big story about how it will snow after Sarah Grace is born & we will all have skates. All of us: Mommy, Daddy, Mi-Caiah, Sarah Grace, Queen Esther, David & Samson......I asked who Samson is & she answered very matter of factly, "He's in Daddy's belly!" Of course. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

KidSing Medal!

We were proud for Hannah Kate to receive her first KidSing medal tonight. She has asked if she can wear it while she's eating, in Heaven, & to bed :) When Renita asked to see her medal, Hannah Kate said, "Can you say 'congratulations' to me?!" :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

KidSing Card!

SO proud of our girl! She said her whole KidSing card to an elder tonight (happens to be Papa, but don't worry-Papa & Mommy are strict about NO mistakes!)!! She is excited to get her medal she has earned as well as a "big girl Bible" from Mommy & Daddy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

These are the Days!

The first thing hk said when she woke up this morning, "Can we go to the greenway now?! It's not dark!" Then, we got peaches for Daddy (but hk said she's going to eat them all & he can have green beans!) & came home for lunch & to make banana pudding. I heard a mom at the park say she couldn't imagine staying home with her kids & dealing with two all day long. My heart was sad for her! I am SO thankful for these days! They are fleeting!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Micaiah 19/20 Month Update

I was so proud because I saw the date of the last post & thought I wasn't too far behind on his update, but I am thinking I got way off somewhere, so we will call this the 19/20 Month Update!

Fun Facts:
~talking more
~really good at puzzles, taking things apart & putting them back....he played with my contact case for 10 minutes the other day opening & closing the lids & he opened a child proof medicine bottle this week-oops!

Food Fun:
~still a very picky eater!
~has eaten spaghetti, macaroni & cheese, corn on the cob, & gummy vitamins
~has put in his mouth & taken out blueberry, blackberry, ham (he used to eat that!)--better than nothing!
~moved to his new Bible class & he LOVES it! (I told his teachers he was going to cry when I left him the first few times & he never did!)
~pats his belly or raises his shirt if we ask where the baby is

Things Micaiah LOVES:
~tractors, trucks, cows, chickens, Daddy & Papa, being outside
~cooking!  If he sees me working in the kitchen, he goes to the pantry & says, "STEPS!" & wants to get on the step ladder to help me.
~movies-he has gotten into the habit of watching videos on Wesley's phone before bed (funny because Hannah Kate was this age when she loved that too) & he loves Baby Signing Time.  He signs & says almost every sign they do on those videos.
~building blocks, wearing shoes, coloring, getting alllllllll of the cups out of the drawers in the kitchen, books (especially farm books-he has a Tractor book that has different equipment on each page & he names it all-plow, combine, baler)
~sitting in chairs, especially if it's at the table or counter ("big" chairs)
~riding in our new SUV ("truck"), the four wheeler, & "bikes"
~Hannah Kate
~making Hannah Kate squeal (hair pulling, hugging, climbing on her)-not to be mean, but because he thinks it's funny when she squeals

Things Micaiah Does Not Love:
~diaper changes (although he will come & lie down on the floor when I tell him)
~stopping watching movies
~when Daddy or Papa leave him

rain, please, more, milk, eat, juice, baby

~hat, shoes, toes, "soon" (spoon), "ump" (jump), fix, bowl, juice (which is funny since he doesn't drink juice!), mama mama mama, Daddy, bike, truck, mooooooo, oodle doo (rooster, cock a doodle doo), KATE!, owor (color), na-ney (napkin), baby, Ga (Sarah Grace), four wheeler (I can't spell how he says it & it's garbled each time, but he does say it!), outside, ni ni (night night), bup (up)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Flip Flops?

Hk calls Chapstick "lip plastic." Tonight it took me a good 10 minutes to figure out that "that orange flip flops I stick my fingers in" is lip gloss. I guess flip flops & lip gloss sound similar to a 3 year old! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pink not Blue!

We were folding clothes for Sarah Grace & there was a pair of blue pants & a onesie with hearts on it. Hk said "that is NOT for SG! Blue says boy!" Then today she said that m couldn't play with a pink balloon bc "pink spells girl NOT boy!"