Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Preemie baby book

NICU / Preemie friends, someone just told me about this baby book journal. I may have to get it for Hannah Kate even though its way late. Soooo neat!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Am I cut out for this?!

Well, I have decided to attempt cloth diapers. We really need to save money &, even with coupons, we are spending a ton on diapers each month. On a total whim last Friday, I asked my Facebook friends about cloth diapers. There are over 70 comments now. If you ever need to know about something, just ask Facebook! I learned that there are approximately 746,592 types of diapers. Not really-but it feels like it! There's a cloth diaper channel on YouTube (& one lady who had a very informative video should have considered wearing more proper attire)!
We set a budget of $100 to start-which apparently isn't really that much to start with. I bought one used & five new online & am anxiously awaiting their arrival. I researched so much that I dreamed about all o&v the options & colors. It can be quite confusing!! For now, we are just starting with Micaiah during the day.
Hopefully this goes well, but if not I can sell our used diapers online (who knew)!

Monday, February 25, 2013

NICU Donations

WOW! THANK YOU, FRIENDS! I just totaled up the donations.....and the picture isn't even all of them....

NICU Donations Sent to Vanderbilt & Parkridge East:
2 nursing covers, $10 Target gift card, 14 burp cloths, 56 articles of clothing (gowns, onesies, pants, outfits sleepers, mittens), 13 pair of socks, 16 hats, 13 knitted or crocheted hats, 9 blankets, 26 receiving blankets

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Recent pictures

We have almost reached our limit on our Internet pictures so I can't upload real pictures until the billing cycle ends. Fun times. Enjoy some phone pictures for the time being.
Recent Highlights include Hannah Kate's first pigtails & Micaiah getting plumper everyday. :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NICU Donations

Hannah Kate says check out what she's collected for the NICU so far. Thank you, friends, for helping her celebrate her birthday in a special way! We are sending a box to Vanderbilt tomorrow and the rest we will take to Parkridge East since we do not have a Vanderbilt trip planned. If you have anything to donate, let us know. We will probably try to take the rest next week.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hannah Kate 24 Months Old!

How is our baby girl two years old?! This is not possible.  It's hard to believe that she is already two and acting like such a big girl.  I've been wondering lately what it would have been like to have had three little girls running around our house right now.
I think this will be my last detailed monthly update.  It is getting a tad overwhelming to do.  I will try to do a monthly update with just info about funny things she says or does, etc.

Weight/Length/Head Circumference: 27.5 lbs (50-75th %), 33.75 inches (50-75th %),
48 cm (50-75th %)
Diaper Size: 5
Clothing Size: 18-24 months

Fun Facts:
~Mrs. Brenda from church made her a necklace at Christmas.  She can put it on herself & then says, "Good job!!"
~She has started singing.  The first song we heard her singing was "Just Believe" from the Polar Express soundtrack.  She would sway & say, "Juuuuusssssst wieeeeeeeve" & drag it all out.  :)  She also sings, "Daaaaaaaay  One, Daaaaaaay One, None" (Day one, day one, God made light when there was none).  When we sing "Blue Skies & Rainbows" during family bible time, she sings 'sunbeams from .....' - she says "God" instead of heaven.  It's all the same I guess. :)
~I put her pink John Deere shirt on her one day after she hadn't worn it in over a month. It just has the John Deere logo (no tractor picture).  I asked her what it said & she immediately responded, "John Deere!"
~She always plays upstairs at Nana & Papa's house (that's where the bonus room is).  If she wants to play, she says, "UPstairs," no matter where we are-even if it's one floor.
~She is a GREAT helper! She still can push the laundry basket to the room, throw away anything, put dirty clothes in the basket, & clean up her toys.
~I got out the activity mat for Micaiah to play on.  Hannah Kate thinks she has a new toy.  She was VERY upset one day when I picked him up to put him to bed & didn't calm down until I put her baby doll on the mat beside her.  
~She does great with her memory verse & story from Bible time.  She has recently learned 1 Peter 5:7 "Casting all your cares upon him for he careth for you" & has moved to Luke 19:5 "Zacchaeus, hurry & come down, for I must stay at your house today." (She is really into Zacchaeus & the Zacchaeus song so we decided to do this verse.)
~She can "read" the Bible words in her Bible class lesson (Joseph, Mary, Jesus, Bible).  During the memory verse reading, she was pointing to some of the words & saying them or identifying letters in them.
~She still loves watching videos on our phones. She will pick up our phone, grab our finger & push it to the phone to try to get us to get the video for her.  She really likes watching videos of "Mandox (Maddox), Bwinwey (Brinley), & boys (Maddox, Lincoln, & Sawyer)".  She will request these by name or request "Hannah Kate singing, Hannah Kate crashing," etc.
~She's started lying in bed talking when we put her to bed at night. Sometimes she will be in there an hour talking to herself before she goes to sleep.

Things Hannah Kate LOVES:
~Christmas lights
~Playing with Maggie & Mollie
~Bert, Ernie, Elmo, & Cookie Monster ("oster")
~Listening to Dave Ramsey-no joke!  She hears his theme music, claps, & says, "Yay! Amsey! Debt fwee!"  :)
~Spinning in circles--then saying "Are you....pinnin'?!"
~Jimmy the giraffe paci.....she's even more attached to him now & goes to try to sneak him out of bed during the day.
~Eating yogurt-she's gotten really good at using her plate, bowl, fork, & spoon.
~Eating a whole apple-she was really into this for a couple of weeks.  She did not want it cut up.
~Opening presents-since Christmas, she thinks any wrapped gift is for her.  I've stopped her twice at opening Andrew & Gracie's Christmas gifts that are still here.  She has opened two of her gifts that we kept back but just had sitting around.
~Praying-She is a pro at folding her hands as soon as we say that we are going to pray.  Sometimes, she says, "Pray! 'Gin!" after we are finished.  She has also started praying by herself. She will stop playing, fold her hands, bow her head (funny because she doesn't do this when we pray!), mumble, then say, "Amen!"  Lately, she's also been praying with words, "Tank you....," & naming all kinds of random things from family members, to Iggy & Mole (Digger Doug), Jesus, Mary, Joseph, star, to anything she sees from where she is.  One of my favorite praynin' (as Hannah Kate calls it) stories recently was on January 25, after we had finished our thank yous & were almost finished with the Bible time prayer, she blurted out, "Tank you Iggy! Tank you Mowe! (mole) Tank you stomp stomp (her favorite song from Digger Doug), Tank you 'erico (Jericho-another favorite song)! Tank you bew-ful sar (Beautiful Star of Bethlehem)! Tank you cwackers. More cwackers pwease! Tank you books!"
~Letters-she plays with a set of bath letters that we have in the sun room. She can identify almost all of the capital letters.  On her birthday, she picked up these letters & said, "Is it ___?  ___ says ____!"
M, W, N, B, P, C, K, H, S, Q, U, O, F
~Riding the "elebater" like Corduroy.

Things Hannah Kate Does Not Love:
~Having her temperature taken (under her arm)-the first time I said, "It won't hurt you, baby," as she was crying.  Then, any time we would get the thermometer out, she would say, "hurt you baby hurt you."
~Going to the doctor. I made a book for her with pictures of her at Dr. T's to help prepare her for her well visit.  That worked well enough that she stood on Elmo (on the scales) like a champ. Everything after that went downhill!
~Being dirty or having any food on her hands-she wants it wiped off immediately.
~Going into a dark room alone-she's started running back out yelling "ahhh!"
~Getting water in her eyes in the bath (like her mama!)-she says, "Wipe it! Eyes!"
~Sitting still & quiet during worship....

~some-fin eat! jewey (jelly) on it, cwean em up (when she's ready to clean up after eating), wipe it-nose, Wes-wey (usually at a yell), my (since when does she speak in first person?!), praynin', crynin', spank her! (Think she hears that often?)
~She talks to Micaiah in a sweet, sing-songy voice when he's crying "Caiiiiiiah, Caiiiiiiah, Caiiiiiah." So sweet.
~Are you ____? with anything she is doing-she wants us to say "Are you _____?"runnin'-Are you runnin'?!, walkin'-Are you walking?!, Are you crashing? (then she falls to the floor) (dancing, jumping, sitting)
~January 26-HK: Have one, Tweat.
Me: You don't need a treat.
HK: Just. Want. One!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I've taught lots of kids about letters & reading, but Tuesday night is my favorite learning moment ever. We were in the car & I saw her looking out the window. Her eyes lit up & she smiled so big. I asked her what she saw & she pointed to a fuel truck & said "L!!!" Sweetest moment ever. I was telling Wesley yesterday that I could cry just thinking about it....and then I did.  We were on the way to the doctor then and Hannah Kate was pointing and saying "WOOK! WOOK!" and telling us different letters she saw.  Wesley said, "I wonder what she's thinking because she likes playing with her letters at home and now she sees them everywhere."  So fun. We are so blessed to be able to watch this sweet girl learn and grow.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

 My childhood cattle showing friend, Kellie, made their adorable shirts!

 Loving on Micaiah!


 Wesley was at work one Saturday and I started feeling really bad for not taking more pictures of our kids recently (probably not compared to others, but still....).  I realized I hadn't taken cute bath pictures of Hannah Kate in the big tub like I had been meaning to for well over a year.  She's approaching the age where she's outgrowing bath time they're really cute and will be in her photo book but not on the internet :)  She loves to look at "Han Tate" in the mirror when she gets out of the tub, so I was sure to take some then too.

 This is my life, "Mommy key you! Key you Mommy!" (Carry you=she wants you to carry her)
See the tears?

 This was the day before Micaiah got sick.  When he came home from the hospital, I saw these pictures and his cheeks looked so fat her compared to how he was after he'd been sick. Thankfully, he's plumped back up now. :)

I LOVE this picture Wesley took when he got home.

 Nana & Papa stopped by on Saturday evening.

This cracks me up because Wesley likes to bounce the ball off of Hannah Kate's head too.  She thinks it's hilarious.