Tuesday, February 22, 2011

HK in HD 2!

Here is a series of videos of Hannah Kate on the night of Tuesday, February 15th. (13 days old)
Nurse Michelle measured her girth, positioned her, etc. Hannah Kate smiled at us, got her foot loose, and looked pretty stinkin' cute! This was a week ago today, and we can already tell how much she has grown since then!

HK in HD!

Wesley's first time to hold Hannah Kate...other than a few minutes in the operating room.
Sunday, February 6th (4 days old)

Hannah Kate sleeping......Saturday, February 12th (10 days old)
(it's more entertaining than it sounds!)

Monday, February 21, 2011

NICU....day by day.....Bathtime & Fun

Highlights: Our friends Wes and Susan (along with their boys) came to visit and brought us Chik-fil-a.
Mindy came from Johnson City to see us for the weekend! :)
Mommy & Daddy holding Hannah Kate
First bath given by Mommy and Daddy
Weight drama
Door decorating
Thought bubble fun

Mindy got this vinyl cling stuff to use for Hannah Kate's door....then either she or Wesley had the idea to make a thought bubble to put on her isolette.....we have had LOTS of fun with the thought bubble. It might have to have it's own post later!
Amy was Rachel and Leah's nurse the night the babies were born. Michelle got her to sign up for Hannah Kate since she was in an actual staffing position Friday and Saturday nights (she is usually charge or back up charge nurse). We had a lot of fun with Amy!
Saturday, we had this note ready for her when she came in.....
(That's Amy in the background of this picture)

Wesley and Amy doing some care for Hannah Kate.

Then it was bath time! A tad bit terrifying for all of us I think!

The nurse weighs Hannah Kate every night. Her bed is her scales....but we got a different weight each time we weighed her on Saturday night and the lowest weight was 40 grams more than the night before. Amy wasn't buying it.....so she went and got a different set of scales. Apparently, she just porked up a lot in one day!
1265 grams=2 pounds 12 ounces

Amy was concerned about HK weighing that much more, so she had Colleen (Nurse Practitioner) come take a look (we really like Colleen). She said HK sounded and looked fine-no fluid or issues with her belly.

Mindy worked diligently on Hannah Kate's door! These are Crayola window markers. The nurses loved it! I will take good pictures of the window/door soon and post them. Thanks, Mindy, for all of your hard work!

She had a cute sun with a smiley face, but Wesley saw one like this on the marker box and told Mindy that there was no way she could draw it......

After the bath and weighing issues, Hannah Kate was worn out. She started having major spells (after having only 1 the day before)....major spells....and stressed everyone (including Amy and Wesley!) out. Amy turned up her VaporTherm to allow her to not have to do as much work and rest for a few hours, and then she was as good as new.

NICU....day by day.....Part 4

2-17-11 Jeff came to visit

My parents came to visit. Wesley was so excited because he got Nurse Amy to ask my mom if she was "G-Dawg." This is the name Wesley and Michael think Mom should be. I *think she finally settled on GG????

Friday, February 18, 2011

NICU....day by day.....Part 3

We moved out of our family room on the 4th floor of the main hospital (the same floor as the NICU Hannah Kate was in originally).
We were told when we moved in on Sunday the 6th that we could stay 2-3 days max. Then, we found out that we were guaranteed 48 hours, but then if someone else needed it we had to go. We were very blessed to be able to stay from the Sunday I was discharged until the next Tuesday. We decided that since she was in the Children's Hospital, we didn't need to tie up the room and could be more comfortable at Celia's.

Snuggling with Momma...you can see how long her eyelashes are here!

Her nurse on this day was Emily-she came in after working on another baby and said, "Now the important stuff, this girl needs a hairbow!"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NICU...day by day.... Part 2

Since the future posts will be at the top, I am putting these in chronological order and will give details up there later. :)

2-8-11 (iPhone pics)

I went in for her 6 am care and this is what I found. Can you get more comfy than this?!

Carol came to visit and bring some things we needed. Obviously, HK needed this onesie. Carol made sure we all knew that this was referring to her and not Bonnie or Jana!
You will see a trend.....she likes to have her feet hanging out!
Wesley doing her care-we check her temperature, change her diaper, wipe out her mouth, move her pulse-ox thing to the other foot, and start her tube feeding.

We took some pictures with Wesley's wedding ring so that you can see how tiny she is. We were going to put it on her arm (it would totally fit), but her giant hands wouldn't fit through his ring. So, she held it instead.
Wesley loves this picture because he says it is totally her personality, all stretched out and eyebrows raised. :)
Foot in Daddy's hand.
Family picture!

She will sometimes take her paci and sometimes she wants nothing to do with it. Occasionally, her nurse will put a little bit of her milk on the tip and let her have her paci when her feeding is started.

HK with her hat made by Mommy.......Wesley says it makes her look like a gnome!

I finished her first hat! I had made hats for Rachel and Leah, but I didn't have one ready for Hannah Kate until now.

I went in for her 6 am feeding and found this! Our girl wearing CLOTHES! We hadn't expected for her to get to wear clothes for quite awhile, so I was pretty excited. Her nurse that night was Lindsay and she made sure she looked super cute.
I finished her blanket! I had been almost done a couple of weeks before, but I ran out of yarn 3 rows before the end.
Saturday was a big day-we had 17 visitors. Thankfully, it worked perfectly because they were spaced out enough that one group left as the next group was coming in.
Sarah, Ma Coley, Celia, Carol, and Connie (not pictured-how did that happen?!) came first.
Matthew and Morgan came all the way from Kentucky!

The Cleveland bunch came too.
Jonie, Kristy, Kellee, Brody
Cody, Joe, Kyle, Brody
Mrs. Lindsay helped Wesley and Hannah Kate get situated.
Pretty impressive-he has good daddy skills if he can hold her with one hand!

Moving from Stahlman NICU in the main hospital to the Children's Hospital NICU 4/10 mile away.
The nurse in pink is Nurse Cindy....she had her most days in Stahlman.
HK did NOT like being moved......she screamed from the time her bed started rolling until the time it stopped. When they got her bed into position in her new room, she was perfectly fine. :)

We wanted her moved because the CH NICU has private rooms-we can stay with her as long as we want and look at how cute she is!
Our favorite nurse Michelle is her "primary" nurse and moved with us! This is especially good because Michelle works nights and it feel like we are just leaving her with a friend. Michelle was her nurse the night she was born and Kristy informed her that she had to be her nurse the rest of the time we are here (Thanks, Kristy!).
I made her Valentine's Day hat! (it looks more like a tulip than a heart, but oh well....)

NICU...day by day....

I have been a terrible blogger, but I am on the mend! Here are some highlights from Hannah Kate's first night in the Stahlman NICU (just down the hall from my room).

Thanks to Brittany for all of these pictures. :)
Daddy seeing his girl! I LOVE this picture!

Wesley took this one (with Britt's camera)-My Ma Coley seeing her first great grandchild. She was pretty proud!