Monday, May 26, 2014

Hannah Kate put my hand on HER belly twice tonight & said, "(gasp!) Queen Esther just moved!"  This is getting interesting! (She wanted to name our "'Nother Baby" Queen Esther)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hannah Kate the movie star

I finally had a chance to sit down & watch this amazing video that our sweet NICU nurse friend Eli made about the Vanderbilt NICU. You all know how we feel about that place! We are SO thankful that God blessed us with this amazing medical team & facility to take care of our girls & us. Hannah Kate was in the video several times-she's actually the first & last picture, so you'll want to watch the whole thing!! :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We're Going to the Zoo! How About You?!

We had a fun zoo trip yesterday! 

Kristy saw an animal she remembered reading about in the Bible, so she looked it up & read to the kiddos!

Micaiah was signing bird. 

Farm Kids!

The kids baled hay with Wesley for a little while today. Micaiah didn't last long! Hannah Kate asked as soon as she woke up this morning if she could bale hay & take her drink with her like Daddy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quote of the day

Hannah Kate quote of the day: "I don't want to fall off a cloud when I'm floating up to Heaven!"


We started KidSing Sunday night & are on a card Hannah Kate did not know she's already learned the first six things on the list (even if she got mixed up during the first recording & said Malachi instead of Isaac & then decided to say that to be funny.....sigh.....& the video cut off but she knows the last one too)! 

Here's the video link:

Also, Micaiah says hi

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hannah Kate Update

Hannah Kate is at a very fun (& sometimes very trying) age!

~Common sayings: OH!, But I will miss you!, last night (referring to any time in the past), just like little boy Jesus (if she is being a helper), I'm crazy of band-aids (she really doesn't like band-aids!)
~She asks/tells me sometimes if people are "a yes ma'am" or "a yes sir." She says that this baby is for sure "a yes ma'am."  We shall see if she is correct!
~She loves to say to us, "Are you SO excited that we're going to Heaven?!" She asked her Bible class teachers in her Wednesday night class, & they really loved this.
~She learned about Matthew in Sunday school & told me he was a "taxi collector" before he followed Jesus.
~She says "this all many" & holds up her whole hand any time she wants to tell us how much of something she wants.  Wesley laughed last night when I told him it makes complete sense-she used to say, "no, I want ALLL the milk," if I told her I would get her a little milk.  So that's where the all comes from & of course, holding up fingers & "this many."  It makes total three year old sense!
~She really likes to act out Bible stories or "Heaven."  She will say, "I want to play Elijah going to Heaven in a chariot of fire," or whatever story she wants to act out.  One day, she told me that to play Heaven, you use a pillow for a cloud & fly up to meet Jesus.
~She loves to eat "peeled eggs"--dressed eggs.
~She loves to get the eggs out of the egg box & put them in our egg basket-she counts each one & tells me if it's hot if a chicken was sitting on it!
~She loves to play outside, swing "harder & higher," & NOT to be licked or smelled by Bell.
~She asks if we "know them" so we can "go to play at their house."  Sometimes in the car, she will say, "I just saw someone's house that we know. Can we go play there now?" (even though we do not know the people)
~She refers to our baby as "our 'nother baby."  She really doesn't understand why she can't see the baby yet, "But I want to!"  She also asks sweet questions like, "Where did our 'nother baby sleep last night? In your belly?  Did she get wet in the shower?"
~She has been going through a bad whining stage.....that is no fun, but we are working on it!
~I love her heart for others & for the Bible.  She loves to pray for people & immediately asks if they are all better.  Her prayers for sick people are always, "Thank you for ..... to feel better." She prays with faith!  She also now says in every prayer, "& we are about to.... (go to bed, eat, etc.)," because she has heard people pray, "Thank you for the food we are about to eat."  I laugh every time. 

Micaiah-17 Months Old

Clothing Size: 12-18 months, Shoe Size: 4, Diaper Size: Medium/3

Fun Facts:
~Micaiah now thinks he should walk down steps instead of sliding down backwards on his belly. He knows he cannot do this without someone holding his hand, so he gets to the edge & acts brave until someone grabs his hand (then he grins really big & takes off).
~He says "ni ni" for night night & also bye to someone on the phone.  He did this once & I laughed, so now he does it every time.
~He got two new teeth on the bottom.  That was a rough week!

Food Fun: still remains not fun.....he did randomly eat chicken a few times in the past month, but other than that he is still stuck in a rut.

Things Micaiah LOVES:
~The baby chicks & ducks.  He called them "bawk bawk" for a long time & now he calls them "quack quack."  He loves to go up to their cage & squeal to them.
~Walking in circles or loops-he walks the loop around through our room, their bedroom, the hall, living room, kitchen, & back again all the time. He did the loop at Granna & Pa's house for 30 minutes one day when we were there. He also finds loops to walk around things outside.  I don't know why this is so fun!
~Being outside-he loves getting on their toy car, tractor, fish, slide, or just walking around in the grass. He loves to go see the chickens & get IN the chicken coop & to see Bell.  He also loves to go sit on Papa's tractors & ride the four wheeler.

~"Leading singing"-he loves to wave his arm in the air & "sing" during worship or at home.  He knows which books we have that are actual song books, & he loves to flip through them & sing.

Things Micaiah Does Not Love:
~Coming to Mommy or Daddy immediately when called-we have been practicing this & discipling for this lately.....he is not a fan, but he is getting better!
~Not getting his way....this has gotten bad lately. He pitched a fit Saturday that was easily the worst tantrum that I have ever seen in my life.  It lasted over 30 minutes. I videoed part of it to show Wesley.  Papa was at the barn & heard him & thought it was a neighbor kid (we were in the garage).  I disciplined him, restrained him....did that over & over....nothing worked.  Hannah Kate & I prayed for him to stop.  It was bad.  YIKES!  There went our hopes of him being a perfectly calm child.  :)

~Eating foods that he does not want to eat (that's what the fit was about)

es (yes), nah (no-to Bell), dis (this), bup (up), tractor, duck, quack, book, Bible, Ka Kat (Hannah Kate), cat, k (milk or cup), ni ni (night night)

Last week, I asked him to repeat probably 15 different words after me & he said them all.  He also started saying "Robert" on his own last week when the Hatfields stayed with us.  He would not say "Emily" though....& he thought that was hilarious!

We love this sweet, lately stubborn boy!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hannah Kate Says...

Hannah Kate is full of good quotes lately. She told me this morning that before Matthew followed Jesus, he was a taxi collector "he collected taxis." Tonight, she said, "When our yes ma'am baby is born, she will have a car seat. Then, we will have a yes sir baby & we will buy a new car seat." (Yes ma'am = girl, yes sir = boy.....we will see how right she is!) 

Saturday, May 3, 2014


God must have known what a terrible morning we had, so He gave me a laugh. Hk woke m up by yelling to her window "daddy you're doing a good job!" (Mowing the yard) then they played together in their room for probably 40 minutes. When I went to get them I thought something smelled funny...then I saw the tube of A&D ointment. Hk had rubbed it all over them...including m's face. All I could do was laugh. Good thing it's bath day. "The booty cream was somewhere I could get it & rub it on us." She told me first she rubbed "wotion" on them so they would feel better "& on mi-caiahs eyes & face & mouf"