Saturday, June 28, 2014

Polishing the Pulpit

July 1st is the early bird deadline for PTP!  I just registered our family-this is the highlight of our year! :)  Be sure you sign up before the deadline to save some cash!

Friday, June 27, 2014

ABC Book

Hannah Kate & I made an alphabet book today as a project for the library summer reading program. She came up with (most) of the items for each letter & she either glued or cut or stuck stickers on for each page all by herself. She was so excited to "do crafts!"
(I covered up the faces of two library friends because I didn't get permission to put their pics on the blog.) 

Junk food

Wesley was reading hk a bible story about Jesus healing a sick man. Hk's first question: did he get sick because he ate too much junk food?! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

HK quotes

Hannah Kate quote of the night: (Yelled from her bed) Mommy, my wegs are hurting cause I ate squash!

Today, she almost drove over Micaiah because she was looking behind her at the (imaginary) "baler." I told her that when Daddy looks behind him he is stopped. I said, "Look in front of you-if you drive over Micaiah you get a spanking & you can't drive the tractor." Her reply? "I'm Papa & PAPA doesn't get a spanking!"

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hk: Mommy, my lip hurts. Can you get me some lip plastic? (Chapstick)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hannah Kate Update

Clothing Size: 3T bottoms, some 4T tops
Shoe Size: 8
Weight: 32.5 lbs
Height: 38-39 in (I think)?  She wanted to be "checked out" at the doctor yesterday when we went for Micaiah's appointment, so they weighed & measured her too.

~She recently heard someone went to Disneyworld & asked me what it was.  I told her it is where Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, & "those little girls on Frozen" live.  She said, "Oh yeah! I want to go THERE!" Later that week, she said, "Mommy, I don't want to go to Heaven. I want to go to Bisneyworld!"  I assured her that you can go to both.  :)
~She loves Bible class & really loved VBS.  She keeps asking if it's VBS time again.
~Evidently in VBS one night, they were discussing obeying God & being baptized to go to Heaven.  Hannah Kate asked her teachers, "Where do you go if you DON'T obey God?"  She had them stumped on an age appropriate answer.  Nice.  The funny thing is, we had discussed that in the car that night & she kept asking me the name of the place, so I told her.  Crazy kid.
~She loves: to color, do stickers, & paint, going to story time at the library & playing with her friend Addison, acting out Bible stories or things she saw in movies, eating at restaurants (I promise she asks almost everyday to go to one-we don't!)
~She has recently started "doing jobs" that are for our family & some that she gets paid for.  She has give, save, & spend banks & has been able to put money in the contribution twice.  This is really exciting & she is at least beginning to repeat the concept that it's God's money, not ours.  In the drive thru line at the bank the other day, she said, "But I don't want those people to put their money in the bank! I want them to give it to GOD!" Her jobs: pick up mulch off of driveway, collect eggs, water flowers, pick up toys, clean up table after meals, put clothes away, put shoes away, clean baseboards/cobwebs, use broom or dustbuster to clean up floor after meals
~We have been talking about the upcoming mission trip to Jamaica & she keeps saying she is ready to go! (I wish we could!)
~She really wanted to name our baby "Queen Esther." She has finally realized that we will not be doing that, so "Queen Esther" is in her belly. Yesterday, she was in her belly & then she was a baby doll who "can't talk yet."
~She randomly says, "Mommy, are you SO EXCITED that we are having a 'nother baby?!"
~She loves playing with her friends.  She asks a LOT if we can go see Melanie, Ella, & Kelsey or if we can go to PTP.
~Yesterday, she said, "Mommy can you get me some gum so I can take it to work like Daddy?"  Apparently, all Daddy does at work is chew gum :)
~Every morning when she wakes up, she immediately asks where Daddy is & then says, "But I miss him."
~She loves when Papa makes her cinnamon rolls on Sunday mornings.
~Since I had my glucose test, she will pretend that she has to drink a "yucky drink," act all pitiful, say her head hurts, & then ask, "Did I pass my test?!"
~She prays for "Mommy, Daddy, Caiah, & me to grow up to be strong & faithful Christians."
~When she prays for people who are sick, she immediately asks if they are "all better now."
~She is still having sensory issues with socks (not quite as bad, thankfully!)/clothes, things on her hands, falling asleep relatively quickly, getting wet if I spray her hair.....right now (knock on wood!) it seems to have settled down.  Everything was really bad a few weeks ago.  It comes & goes!
~Her writing has changed-now she makes little circles & lines.  I tried to get her to write an H this week.....we have a lot of work to do, but that's okay!
We sure love this girl!

Pictures coming soon!

Micaiah 18 Months

Micaiah's first milkshake....Hannah Kate drank the first half & he got the second. He didn't take the straw out of his mouth until it was gone.  I would ask if it was good & he would just nod his head, grin, & keep sipping!

 Yep....after the milkshake was gone!

Clothing Size: 12-18m
Shoe Size: 4-5
Diaper Size: 4
Weight: 26lbs 3oz 50th%
Length: 32.5in 50th%
Head: 47cm 25th%

Fun Facts:
~This boy has come out of his shell this month.  Wow, does he have a temper!  He has always been SO chill & laid back.  Now, if he is mad, everyone knows it.  We are dealing with some serious fit pitching, crying, screaming, learning to obey right away.......makes this mommy tired!
~He is ALL boy.  He loves being outside, anything farm related, etc.  He wants to be right in the middle of Papa & Daddy working.  I am sure he will be a good worker one day!
~He still loves Bible class, but he is starting to act a little done with the nursery class.  We think we will move him up to the next class this week.
~He knows when it is time to pray & folds his hands right away--even if it means a loud clap to close them.  :)
~He loves his paci way too much.
~He is already starting to help.  I can give him something & tell him where to put it & he usually knows which kitchen drawer to go to & throws it in.  He also saw Hannah Kate helping with unloading groceries this week & helped carry some things in without being asked.

Things Micaiah Loves:
~Tractors, four wheeler, trucks, ducks, chickens, cows/bulls, walking up & down stairs, drinking out of cups with straws, drinking out of cups that are not his, blocks, climbing on Wesley, playing outside, Papa (he calls for him out the windows everyday), Bell (although she is getting bigger & he is getting a little more leery of her), wagons, slides, Hannah Kate's "bike," pushing the doll stroller, playing in the play kitchen, climbing step ladders

Things Micaiah Does Not Love:
~Eating a variety of foods, having his diaper changed, changing clothes

Food Fun:
~Micaiah is the pickiest eater ever.  Dr. T said it is time for that to change (at his last appointment he said don't worry until 18 months, so we were expecting this)!  We will need some serious prayers over the next few days!
~Favorite foods: crackers, bread, oatmeal (he will eat apples/peaches if they are cut small in the oatmeal), cheese, sandwiches (jelly, grilled cheese, or ham-but only if he doesn't realize ham is on it!), ice cream, cookies, fries, anything in a pouch, rice, quesadilla, chips & salsa!

~please, thank you, bird, baby, cracker, more, bye

~He really has NO desire to talk.....the past week he has started talking more, but until then he would only talk if we told him to say something.  One day, I said, "Caiah, you have GOT to learn to talk."  He looked right at me & shook his head no.
~tractor, vroom vroom, duck, Ka Kat (Hannah Kate), cat, gook (book), bup (up), uck (truck-he calls this out every time he sees one), gup (cup), ick (drink), bzzzz (bee noise!), thank you, please, chicks, ducks, peep, snack, yes, pa-pa (paci), pou (pouch), bog (dog), Caiah, belly, baby, toes, no, mine, Amen

Pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Micaiah 18 month Appointment

Micaiah's 18 month appointment head: 47cm 25th%

Weight: 26lbs 3oz 50th% last time 25th%

Length: 32.5 in 50th%

Micaiah is a healthy boy, but his eating habit world is about to be rocked! 

Hannah Kate asked to be checked out too, "but not poked!" :)

Hannah Kate wanted to get checked out too. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hk just asked if she can throw her contribution money in the water. & it will float up to Heaven to God. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

9 Years!

Happy 9th Anniversary to my sweet husband! 9 years?! Wow! We have been through quite a lot in 9 years. Everyday is quite an adventure! I'm so blessed & thankful for a husband who loves God & us & his number one goal is to take us to Heaven! 

Giving as She Has Prospered

"On the first day of every week, each of you is to put something aside and store it up, as he may prosper, so that there will be no collecting when I come."

 (1 Corinthians 16:2 ESV)

Today was Hannah Kate's first time to give money during the contribution. She worked & earned money this week & had some to give! I pray she is always this excited about giving to The Lord!