Tuesday, May 31, 2011

4 month check up

Thrush is gone-she just has feeding issues. Great. Dr says she's nowhere near the growth curve but she's closer than last time!! :) We don't come back for a month!! Weird! 9 lbs 6 oz 22 3/4 in

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Growing Girl

HK is growing out of clothes & diapers like nobody's business! You'd think after being wet twice due to her too small diapers that I'd move her up in size.....but I'm trying to use up the rest of this pack! It may or may not be worth it! & the outfits that fit perfectly last week are cramping her long legs now!

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

This week

I am thinking about trying to do a weekly post (unless there is a big event or picture taking session) to sum up our week.......Maybe I can be a better blogger that way! We will see....
So, here's what happened with the Skeltons this week....and maybe a little of the week before.

Hannah Kate looked super cute in her cow outfit...... (all of these pictures are from my iPhone...it's so much easier than getting out the big camera and I think I may have mentioned that I hate my little camera?? :) )

She got her FIRST Imagination Library book!! I was SOOOO excited about this! Dolly Parton has this wonderful organization that sends a free book to children under 5 every month. Granted, I have most of these books in my classroom library, but these are just for Hannah Kate and they don't have nasty kindergarten germs on them! Ha! As you can see, she was super excited!

She looked awfully cute in her I <3 my Auntie onesie from Auntie Carol (my aunt) playing in her activity mat (well, lying there because she had no choice) looking at some toys.....

Sad times....this was last week....one of my favorite outfits of HK's is too small. (Also purchased from Auntie Carol-she loves us!) It's a NEWBORN people! NEWBORN! Those stinkin' Carter's outfits are finicky. I love them, but the sizing is weird. This is a one piece with feet (obviously) that came with a onesie and pants-all of the one pieces that come in a set like that are too small. The one pieces that you buy separately (sleep and play ones) are too big. Weird. Anyhow, she has outgrown these newborn clothes (but the other newborn stuff fits) and has outgrown everything preemie. Wow! Our big chunker!

She finally got to wear the first hat I ever made for her. Good thing I have gotten better at hat making since then.... :)

Hannah Kate got to try out her Daddy's new graduation gift. It's a fancy schmancy thermometer like we used at the hospital. The whole time we were there he kept talking about how he wanted one. Nurse Amy said people steal them all the time, so I had to specify to her that we didn't actually steal this....I bought it off of amazon. :)

Seriously, how cute and cuddly is she?! And never fear, if that paci falls out, Mr. Giraffe is right there to save her!

Please look at these FAT legs! No more leg wrinkles here! She weighed 8 pounds 4 1/2 ounces on Tuesday! Wow! She also has thrush :( Sadness and that is hopefully why she has turned nursing time into screaming fits. Hopefully her nasty medicine will clear this up quickly!

Yes, sadness again.....Mommy forgot/didn't know that Nurse Appreciation Day was May 6th...so we had to send this to our favorite nurses with our deepest apologies for missing their big day! Look how red her hair looks in this picture! (No babies were harmed in the making of this picture....I just told HK I needed her to cry for a one sec picture and she obliged!)

She graduated to BIG bottles this week! She is now up to 90 mL/cc per feeding-that's 3 oz normal people terms.

It's really tiring looking SO cute all the time.

And also tiring when she has to help her daddy study for his pharmacy law test that he will take next Friday.

See, it wore her out!

This week she got a gift in the mail from Richard and JeannaLynn (and Brad and Brittany). It's a little Bible with her name on it. She is excited about learning about God's Word...as you can see!

We are tired of being stuck in this house all day! So, we went down to OUR house to check on Daddy's work. HK is ready for our house to be ready for US!

She had a picnic in the garage.

And the next day we went again and she hung out outside with Daddy while he rested.
Whew! What a week!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am currently reading a book entitled "No Greater Joy" by Sheila Butt. It is excellent and I encourage all mothers (and grandmothers!) to read it! I thought this that I read tonight was worth sharing:
"The Bible says, 'Children are an heritage of the Lord. Blessed is the man who has his quiver full.' The bible likens children to arrows. We must aim them in a certain direction or the world will do it for us. We must grip the arrow firmly as we raise our children with consistent discipline and a firm foundation.
It is possible that children who never learn to obey or to be in subjection to their parents will never become Christians. They will never have learned to respect authority or to do something just because God said so. And like an arrow, over the years, we must gently release our children. Once the arrow or the child has been released, we can never call it back."
p48 "No Greater Joy" by Sheila Butt

My prayer as a mother is that Hannah Kate grows to love and obey the Word of God and lives a healthy life as a faithful Christian. I am thankful for the Word of God that guides me as a Christian wife and mother and for the excellent examples that I have in the Lord's church of Christian parents.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weight check

Whew....this gaining weight stuff is hard work! 8 pounds 4 1/2 ounces today!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

First Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was pretty great! We didn't do anything special since we are still housebound and I also had a migraine, but I did get a nap! :)
I am hoping that next year we can start a Saturday before Mother's Day tradition of doing something fun together.
I LOVE being a mommy and am SO thankful for the opportunity! I am blessed!

Her outfit says "Mommy's Little Dreamer." I didn't think she had a "mommy" outfit and I was sad.....then I found this and washed and dried it that morning so she could wear it for the day! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Daddy & HK

We have been so blessed to have Wesley home with us for so long. We know it & we are thankful!!

I promise he does more than sleep! Apparently Daddy & HK pics are irresistible!

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Happy Due Date! April 26, 2011

These photos were taken on April 26th....Hannah Kate's due date! She had a weight check on May 4th-a little over a week later-and weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 20 inches long!
She's come a long way!
For the first two years of her life, we get to remember two ages-her regular age and her "adjusted age" which is what she would be according to her due date. For most things, we will go by her adjusted age. So, while she is 3 months old, we still treat her like a 2 week old newborn in a lot of areas.

Family picture......I do NOT love my little camera. I am hoping the birthday fairy will bring me a new one. :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wesley Graduates!

Once upon a time, Wesley was carpooling with our friend Matthew who suggested that he become a pharmacist. When Wesley came home to tell me his new plans for our future, I didn't really believe him! He had changed his mind multiple times about what he was going to do, so I had valid reasons! Wesley took the classes he needed as well as the PCAT and he was accepted into pharmacy school! You have to check out the link to see pictures from the big day! (We look way young (and maybe skinnier!)) A little over four years later, he graduated!

Wesley's good friend, Stacy, was elected as class speaker. He did a great job.

Wesley being hooded by Drs. Odle & Pond. Dr. Odle was one of his favorite teachers.

I thought I included one of him getting his diploma but maybe not.....
Shaking hands of faculty members.

Wesley & Stacy

Hannah Kate stayed with Mindy during graduation & then Mindy brought her to the reception (we have a GOOD friend!). This was the most amount of people HK has ever been around and I was pretty terrified! There are a lot of germs there! She will not be going out again for awhile! This was a special occasion!

AJ tried to protect her from germs for awhile! :)

Wesley was so proud to show her off-it was so sweet!
Here he is talking with Dr. Calhoun-Dean of the College of Pharmacy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ummmmm I just rolled from my back to here. Watch out!

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