Saturday, December 19, 2015


We've had a LOT going on & I haven't updated in awhile...sorry!
Guess what?!
We're having a baby!
Baby will arrive hopefully no earlier than May 13 (37 weeks) & that is the latest we can go.  So, we may have a Friday the 13th baby! :)

On that note, 
Names have been a big topic of discussion lately since we have a new baby to name! This week,
HK: I have a friend named ____, she goes to worship with us so it's a Bible name.
Me: That's not a Bible name
HK: yes it is! She goes to worship with us.
Me: Not everyone's name is in the Bible.
HK: WHAT?! WHY didn't her mommy & daddy name her a Bible name?!
Me: I don't know, but your name doesn't have to be IN the Bible to go to Heaven!
HK: OH! good!

M: Is Thomas the Train in the Bible?
Me: No, but the name Thomas is in the Bible.
M: Oh! Okay, can I talk to him when we go to Heaven?
Me: You can talk to Thomas, but not the train. Trains don't go to Heaven.
M: Why NOT?!

This is a short & sweet post because I just needed to record that for our scrapbooks! :)

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