Saturday, August 31, 2013

PTP Tuesday

Micaiah hanging out with Kimberley during seven minutes of wisdom for homeschooling (5 speakers for 7 minutes each)
Bro Jack-missionary to India
Hannah Kate finally had fun in class. Lol :) 

Hannah Kate had some fun at The Light Network ( photo booth. If you haven't checked this out before, you must. Wesley & I both listen to several of the podcasts. We love them! 

One of my favorite parts of PTP was that the Digging Deep in God's Word session was livestreamed as this month's podcast. It provided a chance for people who weren't at PTP to get a little taste of what it's like. Renita & I were ready! 

The ladies who completed the previous year's study were recognized. 

Waiting in the hall while Hannah Kate napped 
Bro Ken S, one of the elders at the congregation we previously attended, stopped to swing the babies :) 

Waiting with James before singing 

PTP Monday

Micaiah loved PTP!
Cindy Colley did a ton of sessions & I loved every one that I attended! 
Yay!!! Aunt Mindy!!! 

Everyone gets a free ribbon ("flair")--I chose Hannah Kate's.....I crack myself up! 

The Gilpins & Cozorts came to eat soup in our room. This is Karlee & Micaiah 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ptp Live Online

LADIES, today at 2:30pm eastern, the Digging Deep in God's Word session from PTP will be live online. Prayerfully, the technology will work! You should be able to watch it live at the link below &/or watch later at your convenience. Thanks a TON to Cindy Colley & Jennifer Benavides for their hard work on this!

Monday, August 26, 2013

PTP Day 3

Sunday-over 2000 people worshipped together at the event center. Eric Owens' lesson was fabulous & BJ Clarke did an extent job as well. I left Hannah Kate screaming & crying in bible class, but she had the best teachers there (April & Teah who do the bible teacher workshops) & she was all smiles when I returned. Micaiah was smiling when I left him & crying when I came back. Our friend Kelly was in there & she took care of him. :) 
We were able to get Hannah Kate in bed by 8 & asleep around 9 (with LOTS of prayers!), so prayerfully today will be a new & better day! (She hasn't slept well with us all being in the same room, so that has made things very difficult.) 

We went to eat lunch with friends from Cleveland & Murfreesboro! 

(Sitting outside our door praying for Hannah Kate to go to sleep!-We are exploring other lodging options for next year! Lol!) 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

PTP Day 2

I had a whole post typed. It disappeared. :( loved Cibdy Colley's parenting lesson & Courtney Ruiz's modesty lesson-look for the downloads on the PTP page!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

PTP 2013

In just 15 hours, we will be at the first session of Polishing the Pulpit 2013. We have longed for that day since last year as soon as PTP ended. Today I was so excited I was almost shaking & then I thought about how we feel on Thursday around noon-already wishing for next year to be here! We have planned, prepared, packed & prayed about this upcoming week. Today I was a tad stressed. I know it was the devil trying to discourage me from enjoying what is the BEST week of the year. I've already started my "next year PTP reminders" list -- #1: make "stuff" for the kids earlier than the week before #2: pack earlier.... But for now, I will sleep for a few hours, get up, start getting the last minute things together, & say "after we eat lunch we will leave" about 1000 times to Hannah Kate, then hit the road!!