Sunday, December 29, 2013

We were saying Old Testament books....Hannah Kate:
"Genesis Exodus Connor Cupid Donner Blitzen"

Can you tell we've been listening to Christmas songs?!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hk: can we go to a restaurant?! 
Wesley: no they are all closed because it's Christmas
Hk: we do not get CLOTHES at a rest-au-rant!!

Micaiah-13 Months

Clothing Size: 9-12m
Diaper Size: Pampers 3 or Cloth medium

Food Fun:
Micaiah does not really like to try new things!  I am having a hard time thinking of what to feed this boy who loves to eat a LOT.  If I try to give him something new, he spits it out.  Recently, he has spit out or dropped discretely off his tray: squash, cheese, grapes, apples, pasta, scrambled eggs....I am sure there are more.  He does like bananas, bread, broccoli cheese nuggets, & sweet potato fries a he eats those a lot.  I hope this gets better!

Fun Facts:
~On December 15, I spotted two new teeth coming-the top molars-one on each side.
~He has said "baa baa" in the "I Just Want to Be a Sheep" song-I am almost certain!
~He quacked in Bible class last week. (during the duck songs)
~Last week, he also started saying "BOO!" & laughing at himself.
~Nana & I are almost certain that he said, "Nana," on December 10.  She was leaving & he crawled after her saying, "Nana!" That is the only time he has said it, though.
~He signed "more" for a week or two, & now he is protesting that.
~When he cries, Hannah Kate sings, "Jesus Loves the Little Children," & he stops crying.
~He has done an exceptional job leaving our Christmas tree & ornaments alone.
~He has been an excellent Christmas shopper!
~He seems to have no desire to stand on his own or walk.

Things Micaiah LOVES:
~Playing in Hannah Kate's play kitchen & with the play food at Nana's
~Climbing on the couch in Hannah Kate's room & looking out the window
~ALL animals
~Mommy! (& Daddy too!)
~Climbing up the stairs at Nana & Papa's
~Every night before bed, Hannah Kate runs into Micaiah's/guest room & yells, "Daddy, can you run & get me?!" & Micaiah immediately crawls in there super fast & they both laugh hysterically.

Hannah Kate-34 Months

Hannah Kate is such a joy!
~She has LOVED everything about this Christmas season.  It's funny how she is all about decoration stuff--in fall it was all pumpkins, "scarey-crows", cornucopias.  Now, she's all about "Frosty," reindeer (she wants her daddy to take her to find some in the woods), Santa, Christmas trees!  She told me she wanted a Christmas tree birthday party with "free trees" (that's THREE trees).
~She loved the "scarey-crow" shirt Nana made her last month, so she asked for a Christmas tree shirt.  Nana also got her & Mollie a snowman dress that has a tutu on it.  She is IN LOVE with that thing.  She cried when we had to take it off for bed.
~She loves our new puppy, Bell.  She does not love Bell smelling her.  She told me the other day, "My dog is not awowed in de house." (allowed) Wesley said she has pointed out dogs in books & asked him if they are allowed in the house. :)
~She loves friends, fellowship, & eating at restaurants!  She gets so excited about doing stuff with our friends.  She tells me almost everyday or every other day that she misses Kelsey & Ella & she wants to go to their house.  Every Sunday morning after services, she has learned that if she tells Papa she wants to eat with him & Nana, we get to go to a restaurant.  He always asks her what she wants to eat & she always replies, "chips & sauce & quesadilla!"
~Every time we put her to bed (nap time or bed time), she always asks, "Where will we go after my nap?"
~She always calls for Mommy from bed-never Daddy. (well, very rarely!)
~She LOVES to cook.  The other day, she saw me get out the Breadbeckers cookbook & she said, "Mommy are you going to make the flour? Can I help you cook?!"
~She has a huge sweet tooth!
~She loves "My-Caiah."
~She still gets her fair share of discipline-but it is usually in spurts.
~She calls our wood stove the "fiery furnace."
~She still loves Dora & Super Why, but she is newly in love with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.
~Every night before bed, Hannah Kate runs into Micaiah's/guest room & yells, "Daddy, do you want to run & get me?!" & Micaiah immediately crawls in there super fast & they both laugh hysterically.
~When Micaiah cries, Hannah Kate sings, "Jesus Loves the Little Children," & he stops crying.
We are blessed!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I really love hearing Hannah Kate say, "I'm a good mommy," while taking care of her baby doll or being sweet to Micaiah!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hot now!

We took advantage of Krispy Kreme's Day of Dozen deal & took hot donuts to Daddy's work this morning for him to share with his friends. The kids were still in the pjs. Apparently it was exhausting! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The BEST Day!

I am still in shock. I've wanted a dog since before we started dating & Wesley is not a dog fan. Our poor chickens have been attached twice in broad daylight by dogs. After the last time (we lost 5 chickens), we've been throwing around the idea of a Pyrenees or Pyrenees mix guard dog. Today, our poor chickies looked so unhappy in their coop. I sent Wesley some Craigslist links to dogs not thinking anything of it. He called & said he'd talked to one lady & if I wanted to go I needed to call her. I was being very sensible saying we shouldn't actually buy a dog today because I didn't want to rush into anything. Wesley said if we went all the way there, we were buying a dog. We already had plans for "date day," so our plans changed to late lunch, buying a puppy & going to the store for puppy supplies! She's a six week old full blooded Pyrenees. The gray around her ears makes her "badger" color. We didn't really want one so young, but we didn't have many options. She is sleeping in the garage now because she's so little & it's so cold. Soon she will be with the chickies keeping them safe. Hannah Kate & I are in love & Micaiah is just excited!! She is not "allowed inside"--Hannah Kate cried because she wanted to take her to her room to play with her. So far we are calling her Bell. Fun times!!!! 

Friday, December 6, 2013


Hannah Kate has discovered & loves "clouds"---that's cotton balls for anyone wondering! 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Hannah Kate stayed with Wesley while I took Micaiah to the doctor. I got this text while I was gone: Hannah Kate: "I really like to spell S P E E L."
 I guess you can like something even if you aren't good at it. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Today hk was wearing a backpack..."my name is Dora....mommy, please can you put me on a vine?" Sadly, I was fresh out of vines here. 

Micaiah's 1st Birthday Party

 We had a great time celebrating Micaiah's birthday with our family & friends!

He wore his owl diaper for the occasion!

 These pictures reminded me so much of the ones Brittany took of us getting ready for Hannah Kate's first birthday!

 I LOVED these of Micaiah that Brittany captured.  We are so thankful for her documenting these special moments in our lives!

 Our little curly headed cousins!

 Our family is so blessed!

 Micaiah sure does love Aunt Jana!

 Micaiah really wasn't too sure what to think about his cake. It was delicious though!

Celia was kind enough to feed Hannah Kate her cupcake since she doesn't like to get messy :)

These sweet friends washed the dishes! They are keepers!

We were so thankful Carol & Celia came to celebrate with us!