Saturday, April 27, 2013

First Youth Day!

Hannah Kate & Micaiah went to their first "Youth Day" today! We only went for one session because it was geared towards the middle/high school kids & we didn't think Hannah Kate needed to sit through all whole day of lessons right before out gospel meeting starts.  :) We even got to see Middle Tennessee friends we hadn't seen in a long time. What a joy to see young people & their families excited to worship & learn! There was a big group of teens & their families from all different areas who were getting together this afternoon too.  They all knew each other from a preacher training camp they go to in the summer.  Several of the parents told me how excited the kids were to be together.  What a wonderful thing to be excited about-being with your fellow brothers & sisters in Christ.  I pray that Hannah Kate & Micaiah will grow up to crave that kind of fellowship too.  

After hearing the lesson today, I'm looking forward to our gospel meeting this week even more!!

Thanks to Bro. Robby Eversole for the picture of our kids' first youth day.  (For the record, we were singing & I didn't realize Wesley had stopped to cheese for the I look a little silly, BUT that's okay. :) And why does Micaiah look like such a big boy?!)

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Wesley has had the opportunity to preach at area congregations over the past couple of months. He's been to Cohutta Road, Patty (twice), & Antioch (today). It's quite a challenge for me to manage both kids by myself during the sermon, but so far only the first time was a disaster :)
He is my new favorite preacher!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Skelton Family by Brittany

This is Hannah Kate's "spinning" look. She loves to spin around & she always cuts her eyes like this. It's hilarious.
Brittany came and did a photo session for us a couple of weeks ago.  I was frustrated because when she and Leah arrived, Hannah Kate went bonkers! She was acting crazzzzzzy wild.  Thankfully, Brittany is an awesome photographer & these are my favorite pictures yet!

Singing "Someday"

I've already decided we are getting a canvas of this one!

This is one of my absolute favorites ever. I can hear her belly laugh just looking at this picture.


Hannah Kate loves "Yeah" (Leah) & she was so excited to sit in her "wap."

and FINALLY I have a picture of this baby's AWESOME eyelashes!

Sweet Sister & Brother

Papa's Overalls

 April 13, 2013
These overalls were Papa's when he was a baby. I'm so glad we have these!