Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sarah Grace Meets Hannah Kate & Micaiah

 We got home at 6:30 on Tuesday evening.  It was the week of our gospel meeting, so Wesley dropped us off at home & went to services. Nana & Papa had Hannah Kate & Micaiah there.  When they came in, Hannah Kate was SO excited to see Sarah Grace.  She kept squealing & asking where she was.  Micaiah just kept saying, "Mama! Mama! Mama!"
 Wesley washed their hands & we got them sitting on the couch while I went to get Sarah Grace.

 I LOVED Hannah Kate's reaction to seeing her.

 She was very excited to hold Sarah Grace.

 I totally expected Micaiah to not care much about her, but once he saw Hannah Kate holding her, he wanted a turn.

 Both kids got to open their hospital visiting gift that we never gave them at the hospital. Ha.  They each got a baby doll & a coloring to go pack.  Hannah Kate's is "Queen Esther" & Micaiah's is "Samson." (Hannah Kate named him)

 Micaiah was taking his job very seriously with that baby!!
 Nana & Papa stopped in to say hi too.

 Then, Hannah Kate needed a snack of "sticky Cheerios & milk" (Honey Nut Cheerios).
 We are SO thankful that Tommy & Brittany came to help us document this fun night. :)  (& for their friendship, of course!)

 Hannah Kate insisted on having a basket by her bed for her babies just like Mommy.

 "I put all my children to sleep."

They are both in love with Sarah Grace.  Micaiah has asked to hold her pretty much every time he sees someone else holding her.  At first, he would stick out his hands & say "back!" (give her back). Now, he sticks out his hands & says, "Hold her. Hold her."  He would sit & hold her all day I think!  It is the sweetest thing ever.  Hannah Kate is an awesome helper, especially at feeding times when Mommy is not able to get up.  She has only asked to hold her a few times, but she has asked about touching her more.  We are slowly adjusting to life with three kids three & under, & I am slowly recovering.  Wesley has been back to work for one day, & I really wish he could just stay home with us another week (or two)!  We are blessed & thankful!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sarah Grace NICU Pictures

We are incredibly thankful that this was our shortest NICU stay yet.  We love our NICU nurses & medical team, but.....we would really rather all be home together! We were so thankful to know people & see familiar faces this time.  It is amazing how much that helped.

These photos were taken the day Sarah Grace came home.

 We were SO, SO thankful that we had Nurse Libby again while we were there.  When we arrived Saturday morning, Libby had her all dolled up & with her hairbow.  She had already tried to talk the doctor into letting her nurse & told him Sarah Grace didn't need any formula because she was going to breastfeed & be just fine!  She takes such good care of us!

 Car Seat Test!

 Getting ready to go HOME!