Monday, September 15, 2014

Micaiah Update-September

We are totally ignoring the fact that August was so busy & I didn't do a post on either child.  :(  Sad times.

Fun Facts:
~He totally acts like a big boy these days.
~Has started singing parts of songs. When we were doing fruit of the spirit with Hannah Kate, he would always sing "control" at the end of the song (self-control).
~He wants to hold hands during prayers.
~He likes to "ump!" (jump)
~He did amazing at PTP.  We took books for him, but he did better just sitting in Wesley's lap with his paci.  He was really, really good!
~He is learning more about obeying-at least he is verbalizing it better now.  I can ask, "What did Mommy say?" & he will reply, "No no" & stop whatever it was.
~His most recent Bible lesson in class & at home was the birth of Jesus.  He loved to talk about "JOSEPH!" & put the felt pieces on our storyboard at home.  He would tell the story like this:
Mary & (JOSEPH) went to Bethlehem.  When they got there, the innkeeper said, (NO ROOM!), & they stayed in a (BARN). They had Baby (JESUS!) & Mary laid him in a (ANGER) manger. He also loved to rock & kiss the Baby Jesus felt piece.  So sweet!
~We are now working on his first memory verse-Genesis 1:1.

Food Fun:
~He's still super picky.
~He started eating ham again last week at lunch.  He asked for it & ate it!
~He loves applesauce as of last week.  He ate a huge jar of it in about three days!  He calls it "psauce," & brings a bowl & spoon when he wants some.  He points to the bowl & says "psauce 'nere!" (sauce in there)
~He loves Papa's cinnamon rolls.  So much, in fact, that he "calls" Papa on the phone & says, "Papa! Rolls!" 
~He loves KidSing & wants to sit on the pew with the big kids.  He even yells out answers! 
~He can sing parts of Jesus Loves Me, Trust & Obey, & There is a Habitation
~He said his first two word phrase on September 2, "No, Bell!" (she smelled of the power tractor outside!)  Two weeks later, he said his first three word phrase, "in it bowl!"
~He starting sleeping in a toddler bed on September 1st (the day he learned to use Hannah Kate's bed to climb into his crib!)
~He is a big helper! 

Things Micaiah LOVES:
~Mr. Jeff swinging him after worship.
~Tractors, trucks, & trains!  He loves to hook the tractors up to the wagons too.  He gets incredibly frustrated if they will not stay together.
~Playing outside, riding on the tractor, "bike," or four wheeler (he is a good driver too!), backpacks, shoes, chasing chickens, loving on Bell, playing with dolls, the kitchen set, & a little china chicken tea set!  Seriously!  He loves it & he gives everyone a drink & makes drinking noises.
~Patting my belly & saying "baby" or "Gace!"
~Bible class
~Watching videos/movies
~Reading books-His favorites are Little Blue Truck & Eight Silly Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
~His paci....or better yet... THREE pacis.

Things Micaiah Does Not Love:
~When his truck/tractor/wagon doesn't stay the way he wants......this causes huge fits.  Sad times!
~Trying new foods!
~Coming in from outside

~please, day 

Words: (these are just "newer" words he now says)
~'nere (in there), pad (iPad), paci, Hey man! (Mr. Chris said that to him once at PTP & he thought it was hilarious.....he would yell it at Chris anytime he saw him & called Chris "Hey man" after that), Robert! (Robert Hatfield-we listen to his podcasts & they stayed with us at PTP), cream (ice cream), psauce, no nanks (thanks-after three weeks of practicing to avoid telling Mommy & Daddy no!), truck, Kate, diaper, wipe, poop, pee pee, water, nicken (chicken), doodle doo (rooster), sorse (horse), pig, cow, dog, cat, backpack, Bible, Jean (Melva Jean), Maggie, Mollie, Jana, pwease, thank you (says it without being told!), hair, toes, belly, bath, movie, Chelle (Mrs Michelle), Matt Matt, kiss, bed, nin (again), wowor (color), seat, eat, fork, poon (spoon), up (cover up), nack (snack), help, phone, bye bye, yay, cheese, room, ham, tea, sandwich, bike, okay, ride, love you, shoes, boots, Crocs

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