Monday, September 15, 2014

Hannah Kate Update (from July--evidently it didn't post)

I kept putting this off because I wanted to take pictures, but I am going to go ahead & post.  Hannah Kate is acting & looking like such a big girl these days.  It's bittersweet!

Clothing Size: 3T bottoms, some 4T tops
Shoe Size: 9
Weight: 33 lbs

Favorite sayings: "unbuckle me up," "buckle me not up," wittle bit while," "it's hard to wait," "macamoni," "come out of there, ninja!" (I have no idea where the come out of there part came from, but I called Micaiah a ninja once & she has not forgotten it!), "I will change my mind if I want it."

~She memorized Isaiah 41:13 & calls it her "protecting verse" or "not scared verse."  Yesterday, she overheard me tell Wesley that I read a blog post online & cried a lot over it.  She immediately said, "Mommy, did you say my "not scared verse?!" It was the sweetest thing.
~She has started "taking notes" during the sermon.  This term is used VERY loosely.  :)  She is supposed to listen for key words & color a box when she hears them.  Some days she does awesome & some days she doesn't.  She always ends up with scribble marks over the entire paper.
~She wanted to write her name last week ....... that was painful!  Even with me holding her hand, she had a hard time.  Of course, that was probably the first time she's ever done it!
~She skips about one nap a week.  Her body NEEDS rest!  After the first few skipped naps, she was up each night at midnight screaming because her legs were cramping.  We've learned to fill her full of orange juice from the time "nap" time is over until bed time if she skips a nap.
~She loves to pretend to be other people.  Everyday she is someone different. She usually tells me who Micaiah & I are too.  She gets quite upset if I do not call everyone by the correct name.  We've had to discuss how she has to obey, even if I call her by her name when she is "Princess Ana" or "Ryder" or whoever!  I also had to explain that she can call Micaiah whoever she wants him to be, but I am not going to call him that because he is too little to understand.....& I don't want him to have a personality complex!
~She LOVES jewelry! A LOT!
~She is a big time mama's girl lately.  If I go anywhere without her, she says, "Why did you leave me?!"  Last night at 11:30 (she had been in bed since 10), she called me in her room. She had tears in her eyes & was trying not to cry. She grabbed my face with both hands & said, "Mommy, I do not want to go to Nana's when Dr. Collins cuts your belly all up!"  I explained that I was not going to the hospital the next morning, just for an appointment & would be back soon. She grabbed my neck & said, "I weally don't want to be weft awone wifout you!"  It was pitiful.  We are praying hard that she & Micaiah will handle being without us well while we are at the hospital.  I am very nervous about that!
~She has been to the doctor with me several times & each time Dr. C listens to Sarah Grace's heartbeat with the doppler, Hannah Kate says, "Good job, Mommy! You're not even crying!" 
~She LOVES going to Bible class & taking her backpack with her Bible in it.  This week, she received a "big girl Bible" from us because she recited the current KidSing card to an elder.  So far, only four kids have done this-she is the first girl & the youngest one.  We are so proud of her!

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