Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hannah Kate Update

I've had a running list on my phone for months of things to blog/journal about for each child. I am having a hard time keeping up!

Here are some common sayings from Hannah Kate over the past few months:
  • "conscusting" = disgusting....mainly diapers!
  • Why I cause......
  • "There is a Habi-Nation" is one of her favorite songs (There is a Habitation)
  • What can I even smell?!  (She has one of the most distinctive sense of smells around! She takes after her mama!)
  • Sure is!
  • Yummy yummy
  • I want to eat some chicken, bawk bawk
  • Scratching = itching
  • "Trach-tor" (tractor) & the big, cab John Deeres is "Johnny Trach-tor"
  • "Can I put on shoes so my feet can be fancy like I'm going to town?!"
  • day nap & night nap or dark nap (any sleeping times)
We sure do love this girl! Some things she really loves lately are coloring, making "projects" (any kind of art thing), going to Bible class, playing with her toy fairies & blocks, reading books, playing dress up, dressing up her stuffed animals & dolls, holding Sarah Grace's hand & rubbing her soft skin, playing hide & seek with Micaiah & Daddy, playing with friends, singing songs from the movie Frozen, playing at Nana & Papa's, eating sweets, going to the library for story time, snuggling with Mommy, climbing in our bed when she wakes up in the morning or after nap, watching Strawberry Shortcake, Daniel Tiger, Dora, or Frozen, asking, "Is it time for PTP yet?!," playing outside-sidewalk chalk, hopscotch, catching chickens, riding the toy tractor, playing on the swing set.  Her best friends are: Micaiah, Sarah Grace, Maggie, Mollie, Nola, Ryder, Addison, Matthew & Miles, Talya, Chi, Emery. She also asks often to go see Melanie, Ella, Kelsey, & Gracie or Brody & Karlee.  She is begging to "go to school & ride the bus," so we have decided to do a homeschool co-op this year even though she will only be in preschool.  She is disappointed that she won't be riding a bus, though!  She loves to do "school" at home including her Bible lesson "on paper," any kind of school work pages I choose, writing & coloring.  She can write H & something that she says is K for her name.  She can also write some other letters by herself (L, O, A, I, T, maybe others but I haven't kept a list).  She's doing great with Bible memorization work & loves to make up Bible songs for us to sing at Bible time.  Usually the song goes something similar to this, "God made everything, we love God, Our God is precious, He loves us, we obey Him, Our God, Oh God....," or similar phrases over & over.  It's pretty sweet.  She is going to be in at least two weddings over the next year & is convinced that when you get married, you become a Christian (because we pray for her to grow up to be a strong & faithful Christian & marry a strong & faithful Christian).  She also decided that she will just go ahead & get married herself at the first wedding.  She has told us that she is going to marry Ryder since he will be a Christian too.  She has told him that, but I told her she should probably keep that to herself for a few more years!  She is a great helper at home & can do a lot of things around the house independently as well.  

We are unbelievably blessed to be this sweet girl's parents.  So thankful for this opportunity.


Mother's Day


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