Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sittin' and Knittin'

I have been working on getting this blog post up all day and my head is hurting....I did not proofread, so please forgive anything that doesn't make sense!

We decided at Eagles Devo (East Side young adults group) the other night that I have been doing lots of sittin' and knittin' and that should be a blog post title....so there you go! :) I have been doing lots and lots of sitting and resting, especially after the 2 night stay at Vanderbilt. Apparently, no matter how long you sit and knit, you can still get contractions. Mine came back Wednesday afternoon and were still hanging out (maybe they wanted to knit?!) on Thursday afternoon, so I called the doctor here just in case. The nurse said to go to the hospital if they were 6 minutes apart for an hour and drinking lots of water wouldn't slow them down. They were around 3-4 minutes apart at this point, so I figured Wesley and I would have to make a trip to Erlanger when he got home. A few minutes after I hung up with the nurse, she called back and said she talked to my doctor and that she said for me to go in then and not wait. So, when Wesley got home from work, I had our things ready to go and off we went. I made sure to eat something before we left because I knew they wouldn't let me eat when I got there! I didn't eat enough, though..... Anyway, I won't go into all of the details, but they gave me medicine that made me feel like I was on tv and being poisoned and everyone else was watching me die......that may be a little over dramatic, but it VERY quickly made me feel out of it and like I couldn't move. That medicine slowed my contractions for about 30 minutes, then they were back to normal. They kept me overnight and we made arrangements for Kristy to come stay with me on Friday so Wesley could go to work. Sometime in the morning, before the sun came up, the resident came in and said they were going to transfer me to Vanderbilt if the contractions hadn't stopped by the time the doctor came on rounds. Wesley and I were not going to have that because I wasn't actually in labor. Then, the same resident came in around 8:45-9 and said they were letting me go home (I guess the doctor who was rounding had decided I didn't need to go to Vanderbilt). Anyhow, it was confusing and I was STILL having contractions. Kristy had already gotten there with her "ready to stay at the hospital all day bag" and after wandering all over the place trying to find me, and now they were saying I was going home. I didn't argue. I was ready to go home. The babies were fine and the doctor (who was from the practice I see here) said I was not in preterm labor, I just had an "irritable uterus" from having three babies in there. Basically, I'm going to have contractions. That's fine, I have accepted that. I do not like when they are close together because after a period of time, my belly gets tired and they hurt, but other than that, I can handle it. Wesley asked if they could send me home with medicine that I had had at Vanderbilt to make them stop, so that is what they did. By the time we got home, they had spaced back out again (probably thanks to the IV fluids I had the whole time), so we decided not to start the medicine until I needed it. That ended up being Sunday morning, but I was pleased we made it that long! (No pictures from the hospital this time due to the "I feel like I am dying" IV medicines.......also no knitting at the hospital this time due to the "I feel like my hand is going to fall off" IV.) Other random info: I had an appointment at the doctor here on Wednesday, and everything was good-they did the FFN hormone test again and it was negative, so there is a 99% chance that I will not go into labor in the next 2 weeks. Good to know. The next Vanderbilt appointment is February 3rd. Wesley had said that Kristy wasn't allowed to take me (after our experience the last time she took me!), but I think she has redeemed herself by coming to the hospital and them letting me leave right away. :)
Here are some pictures of things I have been knittin' while sittin' (pics taken with my iPhone):

Gracie's hat before ear flaps......I really like how it looks!
I finally started Hannah Kate's blanket with fancy yarn. It is not yellow like it looks in this picture.

It's quite a bit bigger now, I am almost finished. I LOVE how it is turning out!

Baby hat for a friend.

Maggie's scarf (to match her hat)......it has been a tool you throw in water to save drowning people, a bridge, a fish hook (I think), a train hook, and Rapunzel hair....and a scarf. :)

I also finished crocheting for Rachel & Leah. It looks like an egg if I don't stretch it out, but babies don't notice things like that! :) Not bad for my first crocheting project.

Sunday was our shower at East Side. Martha wasn't able to go because she had knee surgery on Friday and wasn't up and running like she had expected, but we brought her some cupcakes!
With these two hospital visits, I am VERY glad the shower was this weekend, so we have more of what we need before Hannah Kate (and Rachel and Leah) arrives and I actually got to be at the shower! The family shower is this weekend here, so we are looking forward to that too!
Here are a few pictures from the shower at East Side. (I just pulled pictures to put on here and there are 30......seriously, what is my problem?! I will spare you and try to limit it to 10? ish...10ish.....there are lots more on my Facebook.)
(Okay, 10ish is a term used VERY loosely......)

(Thanks to Christy for these first several pictures! )
A gift from Maggie! She has a pink one that says "Big Cousin."
Please note Kristy & Kellee's great wrapping skills with that huge box -the paper was super cute and they were very proud! :)
Maggie informed us at lunch that she could help open presents because she doesn't have anybody in her belly and she can bend over.
Once it was opened, I asked her if she could tell what was in the box (meaning look at the picture of the stroller and car seat) and she tried sounding out "Graco"-too bad it doesn't follow phonics rules because she sounded it out the way it should sound perfectly!
Vera Bradley Baby Bag!! :) I was pretty excited about this (so was Wesley as you can imagine!). :)

(Thanks to Brittany for the pictures from here down.)

The Wonderful Hostesses!

To say she was excited about the cupcakes would be a HUGE understatement. :)
And they were super yummy!

East Side Girls :) Christy came all the way from Murfreesboro just for our shower.

As soon as we opened the last present, Maggie picked up all of her ribbons (that she confiscated from Hannah Kate's gifts!!) and Bunny, walked over to Jana with this same look on her face and said, "I'm ready to go home." I think she was tired.

I put this one in black and white so my IV bruise wouldn't look so bad, but you can still see it.....oh well!

I was WORN out!

Staying hydrated to keep those contractions away.

Wesley came by to load up our gifts. Kristy took him to the gift table and said she wanted to hear lots of "Oooooooohhhhs" and "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhs." Then, she showed him something pink and frilly, to which he replied, "Eewwww!" But that was just for Kristy's benefit, I know he loved all of the gifts! :)

Thanks, Brittany for taking pictures!

Whew....and now we're done....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Maternity Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell by the number of !!!!! in the title that I am excited? :) We got our entire gallery from the fabulous Rebecca Marr last week (that's a link to our blog post on her blog if you want to tell her how much you love the pictures!). I was so super pumped! I was looking through the gallery and would show Wesley my favorites, "Oh, this is a good one!" and he said, "Are you going to say that for every one?" Well, I guess I had a bunch of favorites. I am ready to print them and have a house to hang them in! Here are my very favorites. I am extremely thankful to Rebecca for taking these for us, working us into her schedule, and being so awesome! After the hospital visit last week, I was even more thankful we had already done these!

This one below I LOVE. I am SO glad I took knitting and had that as part of our session. I have definitely been doing a lot of that!

Love, love, love, love this one below.

And this is still my favorite :)

You know how I bought 4 balloons that day since things weren't going so well? I brought the extra home for Maggie to play with and it was still floating last week! If you need long-lasting helium balloons-go to Ingles! They were 99 cents each and lasted over 2 weeks. :)

Moving Belly

I have been playing lots of games on my phone lately. (Fun modified bed rest!) When I have my hands holding my phone resting on my belly, the girls have been moving a lot. I decided to video it the other day to show Wesley since he wasn't home. Watch the right side of my belly and don't blink!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SNOW Much Fun! (Made much better by Knitted With Love Hats!)

Sunday night, we got about 8 inches of snow!
WWesley says this is what I get for saying Cleveland never gets snow......so you are WELCOME, Clevelanders! Mark, Jana, and Maggie came to play in the snow yesterday afternoon.
Maggie had an absolute blast playing in the snow. She said her favorite part was throwing snowballs-which she did with lots of squeals and screams! There was definitely a warning each time she threw a snowball!
For some reason, they wouldn't let me on the innertube.....can't figure out why?! :) Kidding!!!

This is my car all covered in snow.Mark and Maggie pulled Wesley on the innertube. Maggie was not the least bit interested in riding on the tube, just on the 4-wheeler.

Wesley said this was his favorite picture taking moment because he didn't have to smile!

The girls!

This was one of my favorite pictures!

It would never have been as much fun without the knitted with love hat. :)

I think she had fun!

Throwing snowballs!

A much better picture-he's my husband-not a masked man!
"Hannah Kate, are you warm in there?!" (I can't believe she actually touched my belly-finally! I think maybe it was covered up enough by the coat it didn't look so huge!)