Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hiding God's Word in Our Children's Hearts-AiOH S1E16

Hiding God's Word in Our Children's Hearts

We are excited to talk to Jeremy & Kerri Epling about how we can hide God's Word in our children's hearts. They discuss some great tips for memorizing Scripture, motivating our children, & retaining their memory verses. 

The order form for the CD Kerri mentioned in this episode is below.
Here are a couple of games that the Eplings mentioned as well
Write words on paper & have them jump to each word as they say the verse

Make a verse puzzle out of paper or poster board!
If a kid won't quote, neither should he (or she!) eat! Here's a blog post Kerri wrote about their family works Bible facts into their everyday routine.  (Their blog has some awesome ideas, so check it out while you are there!)

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