Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sarah Grace NICU Pictures

We are incredibly thankful that this was our shortest NICU stay yet.  We love our NICU nurses & medical team, but.....we would really rather all be home together! We were so thankful to know people & see familiar faces this time.  It is amazing how much that helped.

These photos were taken the day Sarah Grace came home.

 We were SO, SO thankful that we had Nurse Libby again while we were there.  When we arrived Saturday morning, Libby had her all dolled up & with her hairbow.  She had already tried to talk the doctor into letting her nurse & told him Sarah Grace didn't need any formula because she was going to breastfeed & be just fine!  She takes such good care of us!

 Car Seat Test!

 Getting ready to go HOME!


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