Thursday, June 12, 2014

Micaiah 18 Months

Micaiah's first milkshake....Hannah Kate drank the first half & he got the second. He didn't take the straw out of his mouth until it was gone.  I would ask if it was good & he would just nod his head, grin, & keep sipping!

 Yep....after the milkshake was gone!

Clothing Size: 12-18m
Shoe Size: 4-5
Diaper Size: 4
Weight: 26lbs 3oz 50th%
Length: 32.5in 50th%
Head: 47cm 25th%

Fun Facts:
~This boy has come out of his shell this month.  Wow, does he have a temper!  He has always been SO chill & laid back.  Now, if he is mad, everyone knows it.  We are dealing with some serious fit pitching, crying, screaming, learning to obey right away.......makes this mommy tired!
~He is ALL boy.  He loves being outside, anything farm related, etc.  He wants to be right in the middle of Papa & Daddy working.  I am sure he will be a good worker one day!
~He still loves Bible class, but he is starting to act a little done with the nursery class.  We think we will move him up to the next class this week.
~He knows when it is time to pray & folds his hands right away--even if it means a loud clap to close them.  :)
~He loves his paci way too much.
~He is already starting to help.  I can give him something & tell him where to put it & he usually knows which kitchen drawer to go to & throws it in.  He also saw Hannah Kate helping with unloading groceries this week & helped carry some things in without being asked.

Things Micaiah Loves:
~Tractors, four wheeler, trucks, ducks, chickens, cows/bulls, walking up & down stairs, drinking out of cups with straws, drinking out of cups that are not his, blocks, climbing on Wesley, playing outside, Papa (he calls for him out the windows everyday), Bell (although she is getting bigger & he is getting a little more leery of her), wagons, slides, Hannah Kate's "bike," pushing the doll stroller, playing in the play kitchen, climbing step ladders

Things Micaiah Does Not Love:
~Eating a variety of foods, having his diaper changed, changing clothes

Food Fun:
~Micaiah is the pickiest eater ever.  Dr. T said it is time for that to change (at his last appointment he said don't worry until 18 months, so we were expecting this)!  We will need some serious prayers over the next few days!
~Favorite foods: crackers, bread, oatmeal (he will eat apples/peaches if they are cut small in the oatmeal), cheese, sandwiches (jelly, grilled cheese, or ham-but only if he doesn't realize ham is on it!), ice cream, cookies, fries, anything in a pouch, rice, quesadilla, chips & salsa!

~please, thank you, bird, baby, cracker, more, bye

~He really has NO desire to talk.....the past week he has started talking more, but until then he would only talk if we told him to say something.  One day, I said, "Caiah, you have GOT to learn to talk."  He looked right at me & shook his head no.
~tractor, vroom vroom, duck, Ka Kat (Hannah Kate), cat, gook (book), bup (up), uck (truck-he calls this out every time he sees one), gup (cup), ick (drink), bzzzz (bee noise!), thank you, please, chicks, ducks, peep, snack, yes, pa-pa (paci), pou (pouch), bog (dog), Caiah, belly, baby, toes, no, mine, Amen

Pictures coming soon!

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