Friday, May 2, 2014

Christian Friends

We were blessed to have Robert & Emily stay with us when they came for our youth day & gospel meeting.  Wesley & I want our kids to always remember having preachers/missionaries/Christian friends stay with us when they are in town.  We sort of knew Robert & Emily from The Light Network & PTP, but we hadn't officially met them before.  They arrived late Friday night (because they had attended a singing at their congregation before they left) & stayed until Thursday morning.  Hannah Kate had been super excited about their visit for months (we were too!), & she & Micaiah LOVED having them with us.  They had new people to play with-FUN times! Wesley took off work while they were here too, so that was an extra special treat.  We stayed up late every night talking to them & are so thankful to call them our friends!

If you haven't checked out The Light Network before, you must do that now!  There are so many podcast options that will encourage you in your walk with The Lord.  I really love Emily's new podcast, Wifey Wednesday too!  Be sure you check out Robert & Emily's websites too-lots of great Biblical content. 

 Robert memorized "That's Not My Tractor" because Micaiah had him read it so many times!

 Micaiah even started saying "Robert" while they were here.
 Mr. Robert read this book to Hannah Kate for probably 30 minutes.....and he only read it once....Hannah Kate asks a LOT of questions!
Hannah Kate was REALLY into the story Mrs. Emily was reading her. She even told Hannah Kate about some of the Bible places she has visited!

 One last picture before they soon as we shut the door after waving good bye, Hannah Kate said, "But I mmiiiiisssss them!"

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