Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Micaiah-17 Months Old

Clothing Size: 12-18 months, Shoe Size: 4, Diaper Size: Medium/3

Fun Facts:
~Micaiah now thinks he should walk down steps instead of sliding down backwards on his belly. He knows he cannot do this without someone holding his hand, so he gets to the edge & acts brave until someone grabs his hand (then he grins really big & takes off).
~He says "ni ni" for night night & also bye to someone on the phone.  He did this once & I laughed, so now he does it every time.
~He got two new teeth on the bottom.  That was a rough week!

Food Fun: still remains not fun.....he did randomly eat chicken a few times in the past month, but other than that he is still stuck in a rut.

Things Micaiah LOVES:
~The baby chicks & ducks.  He called them "bawk bawk" for a long time & now he calls them "quack quack."  He loves to go up to their cage & squeal to them.
~Walking in circles or loops-he walks the loop around through our room, their bedroom, the hall, living room, kitchen, & back again all the time. He did the loop at Granna & Pa's house for 30 minutes one day when we were there. He also finds loops to walk around things outside.  I don't know why this is so fun!
~Being outside-he loves getting on their toy car, tractor, fish, slide, or just walking around in the grass. He loves to go see the chickens & get IN the chicken coop & to see Bell.  He also loves to go sit on Papa's tractors & ride the four wheeler.

~"Leading singing"-he loves to wave his arm in the air & "sing" during worship or at home.  He knows which books we have that are actual song books, & he loves to flip through them & sing.

Things Micaiah Does Not Love:
~Coming to Mommy or Daddy immediately when called-we have been practicing this & discipling for this lately.....he is not a fan, but he is getting better!
~Not getting his way....this has gotten bad lately. He pitched a fit Saturday that was easily the worst tantrum that I have ever seen in my life.  It lasted over 30 minutes. I videoed part of it to show Wesley.  Papa was at the barn & heard him & thought it was a neighbor kid (we were in the garage).  I disciplined him, restrained him....did that over & over....nothing worked.  Hannah Kate & I prayed for him to stop.  It was bad.  YIKES!  There went our hopes of him being a perfectly calm child.  :)

~Eating foods that he does not want to eat (that's what the fit was about)

es (yes), nah (no-to Bell), dis (this), bup (up), tractor, duck, quack, book, Bible, Ka Kat (Hannah Kate), cat, k (milk or cup), ni ni (night night)

Last week, I asked him to repeat probably 15 different words after me & he said them all.  He also started saying "Robert" on his own last week when the Hatfields stayed with us.  He would not say "Emily" though....& he thought that was hilarious!

We love this sweet, lately stubborn boy!

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