Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hannah Kate Update

Hannah Kate is at a very fun (& sometimes very trying) age!

~Common sayings: OH!, But I will miss you!, last night (referring to any time in the past), just like little boy Jesus (if she is being a helper), I'm crazy of band-aids (she really doesn't like band-aids!)
~She asks/tells me sometimes if people are "a yes ma'am" or "a yes sir." She says that this baby is for sure "a yes ma'am."  We shall see if she is correct!
~She loves to say to us, "Are you SO excited that we're going to Heaven?!" She asked her Bible class teachers in her Wednesday night class, & they really loved this.
~She learned about Matthew in Sunday school & told me he was a "taxi collector" before he followed Jesus.
~She says "this all many" & holds up her whole hand any time she wants to tell us how much of something she wants.  Wesley laughed last night when I told him it makes complete sense-she used to say, "no, I want ALLL the milk," if I told her I would get her a little milk.  So that's where the all comes from & of course, holding up fingers & "this many."  It makes total three year old sense!
~She really likes to act out Bible stories or "Heaven."  She will say, "I want to play Elijah going to Heaven in a chariot of fire," or whatever story she wants to act out.  One day, she told me that to play Heaven, you use a pillow for a cloud & fly up to meet Jesus.
~She loves to eat "peeled eggs"--dressed eggs.
~She loves to get the eggs out of the egg box & put them in our egg basket-she counts each one & tells me if it's hot if a chicken was sitting on it!
~She loves to play outside, swing "harder & higher," & NOT to be licked or smelled by Bell.
~She asks if we "know them" so we can "go to play at their house."  Sometimes in the car, she will say, "I just saw someone's house that we know. Can we go play there now?" (even though we do not know the people)
~She refers to our baby as "our 'nother baby."  She really doesn't understand why she can't see the baby yet, "But I want to!"  She also asks sweet questions like, "Where did our 'nother baby sleep last night? In your belly?  Did she get wet in the shower?"
~She has been going through a bad whining stage.....that is no fun, but we are working on it!
~I love her heart for others & for the Bible.  She loves to pray for people & immediately asks if they are all better.  Her prayers for sick people are always, "Thank you for ..... to feel better." She prays with faith!  She also now says in every prayer, "& we are about to.... (go to bed, eat, etc.)," because she has heard people pray, "Thank you for the food we are about to eat."  I laugh every time. 

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