Sunday, April 13, 2014

Farmhand Wanted.....Coming Soon!

Top three photos courtesy of our Great Brittany! :)

We had suspicions that we were expecting, but I kept putting off taking a test.  We all know about our pregnancy history & I just didn't want to have something to worry about-or try NOT to worry about!  I finally broke down & took a test on February 18th.  The doctor's office had a cancellation & I went in right after lunch-aka right before nap time-with both kids.  I LOVE my doctor's office.  There are so many reasons why, but on this day, they were SO good with our kids.  Everyone spoke to them & was extremely accommodating. Hannah Kate asked every single person if they had a "stethoscope that goes thump thump."
And yes....she did fall OFF of the table....and I barely caught her. Nice!

We had an ultrasound & baby measured several days behind what we thought the date should be (measured 6w3d). It was enough days to change the due date to October 11th (but I didn't realize that until the next appointment).  Heart rate was 118, which the ultrasound lady said was "perfect."  Dr. C said I could keep running as long as I only jogged.  She also said Wesley should give me an iPad mini for having a baby (that was to be my prize if I ran the whole 5K).  :)  I ended up stopping running a few weeks later because of migraines/nausea related to pregnancy....after almost getting sick three times in a row, I decided I was done running for now!

This was the latest that we've ever taken a test, & we still waited quite awhile to tell anyone!  We were kind of proud of ourselves! We were excited, but we just didn't go around spilling the beans.  :)  The first person who we told was Kellee & that is because she asked if I was expecting! She knew with Micaiah too.  She just sent me a text & asked.  Too funny.  She has some great intuition.  :) (No one else get any ideas thinking you can just ask that, though!)

I went back to the doctor on March 20th & that's when I figured out the due date had changed.  My doctor is awesome.  I was super nervous at this appointment because this was the time frame when we found out things were really wrong with our pregnancy with Hannah Kate, Rachel, & Leah,  So, she sent me for an ultrasound to make me feel better.  Baby measured 10w5d & heart rate was 179.  Dr. C recommended waiting until 13 1/2 weeks to tell people because she said the miscarriage rate drops to 3% we decided to keep waiting before we told anyone.

We were ready to tell our family this weekend, but I hadn't been to the doctor in a few weeks & wouldn't be going back until next week.  It's still too early to feel baby move, so I really have no way of knowing that everything is okay.  I asked if I could just run in & do a doppler to hear the heart beat.  I mainly wanted to do this because I really didn't want us to tell Hannah Kate & then something happen. She doesn't forget anything, and I didn't want to have constant questions about it if something went wrong.  Again, my doctor is amazing.  They called & told me to run in Thursday morning (the 10th), & when I got there, they had me do a quick ultrasound.  I was totally not expecting that, but I will take it!  Baby looked great (didn't do measurements) & heart rate was 154.  When we left, Hannah Kate said, "Why did she put that magic jelly on your belly?"  I told her it was so the special camera could see what was inside.  She said, "It was a baby, Mommy.  There's a baby in your belly because we're having another baby!!!!"  I have no idea how she came up with this other than she is brilliant! Ha!  I tried to brush it off, "I'm not sure why you think that.  Do you know what kind of cool stuff is in your belly that God made?" & she didn't say anything else about it.  This girl!!  :)

Here is the video of when we told her Thursday night.  She was super excited to tell our family that night & this weekend!

Due Date is October 11th, but I will not go past 37 weeks due to the classical C-section I had with the girls--that puts us at September 20th, which is a Saturday.  She said if all is going perfectly, we can do the Friday before or Monday after......but we know how well our children cooperate!
We are thankful for this amazing blessing & ask for our church family to pray for a healthy mommy & baby & that this baby will grow up to be a faithful servant of God!

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