Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hannah Kate Update

Our sweet, silly girl is acting like SUCH a BIG girl these days!
~She talks allllllllll of the time! Mostly, she asks questions-that's why she's so smart, right?!  "Why?" was the question of the minute for about a week. Then, it changed to, "What would happen if...?" (if I don't do...., if we drive on the grass, if we eat too many cookies....ANYTHING you can think of!)
~I backed into a parked (illegally parked) car at the library in December.  Nine times out of ten she asks me while we are driving, "Did you get hit by a car, Mommy?" She is referring to that incident.  She will NEVER let me forget it!
~She likes to pretend "it's my birfday party," & has been inviting all of her friends to her birthday party "on February 2nd." (of next year!)
~She loves to play "PTP, Bible class, & worship" all of the time.  She tells us, "We're going to sing twoooo songs, & then go to Bible class."  She loves to act out Bible stories-mainly Lazarus, The Good Samaritan, & Joseph.  For a few weeks, every night when we would put her pajamas on, she would want to lie on the floor with just her underwear & be "the hurt man." Micaiah is the priest, Wesley is the Levite, & I am the Good Samaritan.  She really likes when I put her on the donkey (my knee) to take her to the inn!  :)  She would ask, "Can you beat me?" One day, she kept telling me, "I beated Mi-Caiah!"  I would answer, "I hope not! That would not be nice."  Then, I went into their room & found his socks on the floor.  I asked who took them off, & she said, "I did.  I beated him & taked off his socks!"
~She does not like socks or tights.....she says, "It's messing wif me!" Her main problem is the seam along the toes.  I don't think I ever put any on her without her crying.  She also detests having her hair sprayed/combed.
~Frequent sayings, "I'm talking about.....," "Did you get hit by a car?" "I'm getting busy (dizzy)," "It's hard to wait," "Three years olds don't cry," "You're welcome too!"
~She also calls short sleeve shirts "sleeve shirts."
~Most of the time, she is the best big sister.  :)  She loves sharing a room with Micaiah or helping him get or do things.  He LOVES her too!

We love this girl!  We are so blessed!

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  1. Hey...have you tried putting her socks on inside out?? Then she can't feel the seam. Sounds silly, but it totally works! :)