Tuesday, June 16, 2015

AiOH S1E14: Leadership Training

Ben & Hannah Giselbach join Wesley & Denise on this episode to discuss the benefits of using Lads to Leaders in your family & congregation.  They discuss what activities are available for each age as well as some statistics that show the retention rate of individuals in the church who have participated in Lads to Leaders. 

After we recorded this episode, we saw this great article by Ben on A Legacy of Faith.  Check it out for great information too! How Lads to Leaders Can Help Families by Ben Giselbach on A Legacy of Faith 

Lads to Leaders www.lads2leaders.com
Ben Giselbach's Website www.plainsimplefaith.com
Ben's email ben@lads2leaders.com
Hannah Giselbach's Website www.theheartofhannah.com
Hannah's email hgiselbach@gmail.com

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