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I've had several Facebook messages & comments asking me about the carriers I have been using for Sarah Grace, so I thought it would be good to have it all written in one place!

First, I will say that I have mainly only worn my babies outside of the house.  I am not a "hold the baby all the time" kind of mommy (that sounds bad, but I think you know what I mean).  Sarah Grace would LOVE to be a "hold me all the time" kind of baby, though!  Babywearing for me is AWESOME for having my hands free for Hannah Kate & Micaiah when we are out of the house.  It has also been wonderful for keeping baby safe from germs.  I can count on one hand how many times someone has tried to touch Sarah Grace when I am wearing her.  If you know me, you know how we are about that! :)  That has been so nice during this sick season when she is so little! Here are more benefits of babywearing.
Below is the info on what carriers I have tried. 
Be sure you are safe when wearing your baby! Look here for info on safety!

I borrowed a friend's Moby Wrap with Hannah Kate & used it a few times.  It was very intimidating at first, but after I had done it once, I could put it on in just a minute or two.  I liked it, but it was pretty warm & I didn't have a huge need to wear her.  (Now that I have experienced the benefits of babywearing with breastfeeding, I wish I had worn her more!)
 Just for fun, here's the picture that looks eerily like Wesley with a cloth over his head!  It's really Hannah Kate. Trust me! Creepy, huh?!
I borrowed another Moby from another friend with Sarah Grace, but I could not get comfortable in it. This was her first time to attend Sunday morning worship (we were at a smaller congregation), we were running late & I didn't have much time to worry with fixing it.  She was nice & high, but it doesn't look so comfortable to me here-although I don't remember being uncomfortable.
Later with Hannah Kate, I used a Baby Bjorn-mainly when we were out walking or checking cows & maybe a few times at the store? I can't really remember.
I liked it okay then.  Looking back, it was VERY uncomfortable compared to ergonomic carriers. This style carrier isn't recommended now because of the chance of hip dysplasia. There is a way to convert it using a scarf or piece of material, though if you still want to use yours.
When Micaiah came along, I got a Baby K'tan.  I liked it a LOT because it was like a Moby, but it's already looped.  All you have to do is throw it on & you're ready to go.  I used it with Micaiah until he was about 10 months old.  I wore him pretty much every time I had to go to the store & the few times that Wesley preached somewhere & I had both kids to take care of by myself.  You select it based on your shirt size.  I didn't have any problems with Micaiah in it, but I cannot get a good fit in it with Sarah Grace.  I still use it some (a lot more before I purchased a ring sling that I will mention in a bit), but I am constantly having to scoot her back up.  Just make sure you get the right size :) It is very comfortable, though & super easy!  I don't think it's as hot as the Moby & they have a "breeze" style that is made of mesh material, so it is cooler.

(She is not in the best position in this picture from the pumpkin patch, but I always readjust if needed when I stand up.  Always be sure you can see baby's face & their chin is not tucked down!)

There is NO way I could go out in public with all three kids under three if not for wearing Sarah Grace! Here we are with our friend Leah at the Yes on 1 Rally with the Duggars.
I recently purchased a ring sling from a local mom & I love it!  I really wasn't sure what I was going to think about it, but she met us & showed me how to use it, which was a HUGE help!  This is pretty much how Sarah Grace goes anywhere!  Once I used it a time or two, I could easily throw it on & stick her in.  You are supposed to alternate shoulders, but I have a hard time remembering that.  Sarah Grace LOVES it.  It keeps her super close to me, & if she has been crying, she immediately stops when I put her in.

Most recently, I purchased an Infantino Mei Tai from Target when it was on sale & had free shipping.  I only paid $18 for it & it is super cute.  I have only used it a few times so far, but it is comfortable & I feel like she is a little more secure in it since there is more head support.  She is still pretty small in it, so the ring sling friend (ha!) sent me a YouTube video about how to make it fit her better.  I can find the video if someone needs to see it, but you roll the bottom part over before tying it on & use a receiving blanket rolled up as the seat for her.  That makes her sit up higher.  I didn't know about those tricks when I took these photos, though :)  I will say that I used it yesterday morning for church services & it is not as comfortable for me for that.  When we go to services, I put her in the carrier in the parking lot & leave her in the entire time unless she needs a diaper change or to nurse.  It makes it a lot easier for handling Hannah Kate & Micaiah during worship to have my hands available.  The ring sling is more comfortable for sitting during services.

Finally, we have an Ergo.  I borrowed a friend's (do you see a trend here?!) before purchasing one with Micaiah.  It is SO comfortable & it has a pocket! :)  That's pretty handy.  It's easy to put on & I mainly left it in the car when Micaiah was smaller & used it anytime I had to get both kids out of the car.  They are pricier, but we got ours on sale.  You can also often find them at TJ Maxx type places or on Zulily.  For smaller babies, you need the infant insert.  I got one & have tried it with Sarah Grace.  Initially, it was very uncomfortable to me where my c-section incision was, so I could not use it for several weeks.  Now, it is fine, but I like how trim the ring sling is, so I have been using it the most.  I definitely LOVE the Ergo for when they are big enough to not need the insert.
Now you know all that I know about babywearing!  You may notice that I am doing a front carry in each of these pictures, but you can do hip carries or back carries depending on the type of carrier & age of baby.  Babywearing International is a great resource.  They have information about different types of carriers as well as videos demonstrating each one.  They have groups in different areas; for instance, there is a Babywearing International Chapter for the biggest city near us. They meet once a month & you can get help from people who are trained on babywearing guidelines & safety.  They also have a lending library where you can "check out" different styles for a month if you are a paid member. I haven't been to a meeting yet, but I have used the Facebook group for questions & info several times.

Please let me know if you have any questions & maybe I can help or point you in the right direction.

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