Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Arrows in Our Hand Podcast

Some of you may already know, but Wesley & I are excited to announce that we will soon be hosting a podcast on The Light Network.  The Light Network is a network of Christian podcasts designed to encourage, empower, & enlighten God's people.  A podcast is basically an online radio show or audio lesson.  You can listen to them on your phone or computer (it's super handy if you have a podcast app on your phone, but it is not necessary).  Robert & Emily asked us last spring if we would be interested in hosting a parenting podcast.  Wesley & I immediately thought that we were not the perfect ones for the job.  After some prayer & thought, we decided we would give it a try (don't worry, we know we are not experts & plan on doing some interviews)!  This is definitely a topic that is needed to encourage godly parents, & we love listening to podcasts & online lessons ourselves.  Wesley has thought of some wonderful topics that we will cover on the podcast including our personal story, keeping our focus on Heaven, training children (obedience in general & in worship), the value of a child's soul, the value of children in today's society, family Bible time, infant loss, teaching our children modesty, being content......there are LOTS more, but those are my favorites.  We have recorded two episodes & need to get a few more recorded before the BIG release set for January 19th.  Please check back here or on the Arrows in Our Hand Facebook page for more details.  We are thankful for this opportunity & pray that it will be an encouragement to families as we all strive towards Heaven.  Please pray with us that families will be encouraged & God will receive the glory.  For now, go check out The Light Network & listen to some podcasts so that you will be all ready for when ours releases!

HUGE thanks to our friend & brother in Christ, Shane Read, for this awesome artwork he designed for us.  We kind of love it!

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