Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hannah Kate......the Dog

I think Hannah Kate might be part dog.  It must be that because she's not around dogs enough to be developing these abilities otherwise......she regularly stands at the window and barks, she barks at other animals (groundhogs, birds, cows, other dogs etc.), today she started making puppy yelping noises and when we saw Aprilia (Kristy's dog)-Aprilia was panting, so Hannah Kate started panting too.  Someone tell Wesley to get the girl a dog!  Maybe one day she will have one!

This week during Early Intervention, Hannah Kate was standing at her window barking when Mrs. Diana and I noticed a groundhog running across the yard.  We ended up watching him for 20 minutes as he darted back and forth, stood up on his hind legs, etc.  Hannah Kate kept barking at him and when she would, he would stop and look around.  I'm seriously thinking she's been barking at that groundhog for days and I just didn't know it.  She would bark at the window and I would say, "There's not a dog out there, Hannah Kate!"  Fun times!

Ha ha....I totally just realized that I said she barks at "other" dogs.  :)

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