Monday, April 2, 2012

Freezer meal swap

We had our first freezer meal swap on Saturday. It was great! There were 8 of us who made 3-5 meals each. The guidelines were that it needed to be a complete meal & serve 4-6.
Meals were to be in freezer containers that you did not want returned: foil pans or Ziploc baggies.
Each person labeled their meal with:
name of dish
date made
cook's name
We took home however many meals we brought. We drew numbers & went in that order to choose. If you brought 3 meals, you stopped picking after 3 rounds. We decided that next time everyone will make the same amount so you don't have that part of figuring out who stopped. If we were to do it again with people bringing different amounts, I would want to change it to whoever brought the most picks first. I had thought about doing that, but we decided not to-one girl ended up taking home her own thing since she brought 5 (she said she didn't care though).
There were no food allergies in our group, so we didn't have to figure out how to handle that.
The group decided to try to do this once a month.
We also talked about trying to find a way to make a freezer stash at the church building for benevolence, but we haven't quite figured out the storage or how it would be used. If we did that, whoever wanted to help would just bring an extra dish to go into the storage.

It's like dirty Santa but no stealing & way better! One person said it was like Christmas but better because we weren't taking home junk!
I'm looking forward to the next one!

(There are lots of freezer meal ideas and swap ideas online, just google freezer meal swap!)

Meals that were brought: burritos, ranch burgers, baked spaghetti, chicken alfredo, crock pot teryaki chicken, chicken tetrazini, & goulash.

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