Monday, April 16, 2012


We have been working with Hannah Kate trying to get her to walk. Every night we stand her up and try to get her to walk to one of us. She usually stands, maybe takes one step, and falls into whoever she is facing. She thinks this is hilarious. Last week (I think), she took three steps! She was so determined then that she kept crawling back to us to get her standing so she could try again. Tonight, she took 8(!!) steps by herself! It was after we had been doing the back and forth thing for about 20 minutes (because she wouldn't let us stop!). I told her we were all done and she started crying. I stood her up at her music table and she took off! We were so excited and she was clapping. It was so fun! From then on, she kept wanting to do it again. If we didn't stand her up right away, she would start pitching a (huge) fit (don't worry, she was disciplined!). We made her say "more" if she wanted to walk more. She would say/sign "more" and try again. She is the most stubborn and determined kid I have ever seen. This has the potential to be very good for her and very difficult for us! I think I had better start praying about that now!

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