Wednesday, April 11, 2012

14 Months

Hannah Kate is 14 months old and full of fun!

Diaper Size: 4

Weight: March 9 (RSV clinic): 9.59 kg 21 pounds 2 ounces--she hasn't been to the doctor since then, so I have no idea! She's heavy!

Clothing Size: 9-12 months-she can wear some 12-18 month things, but most are still too big

Food Fun: Hannah Kate is getting better about eating more table food. She normally will not eat meat, but in the last month she has added City BBQ (Uncle Rick & Aunt Bonnie's restaurant), hot dogs (Uncle Rick said he felt honored until I told him that!), and Nana's meatloaf to her food likes! I seriously could not feed her the meatloaf fast enough. I'm going to try to make some little meatloaf muffins and freeze them for her since she liked it so much. She still loves bananas, grapes, blueberries, mandarin oranges, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and yogurt. She's really into fruit lately. She's also tried ice cream sandwiches (getting a bite from Mommy or Daddy's and she loves them-who wouldn't!)
She got some new sippy cups with a "soft" hard spout in her Easter basket, and she's doing great with them! (We are trying to transition to the regular hard spouts eventually.)

Newest Tricks:
~waving at tractors, trucks, cars, random people in the store-she's VERY enthusiastic about this, she really likes to wave when she hears a diesel engine-imagine that in the Wal-Mart parking lot
~standing up for longer periods of time
~"love the baby"-she holds the baby doll (or the imaginary baby doll) in the arms, and says "Aaawwwwwwww" because when we say it we say, "Awww, love the baby"
~identify cow, dog (both of those pretty consistently), horse, and sheep from her Apologetics Press Creation Cards
~she took one, tiny, unassisted step this week.....I ran to grab the camera and then videoed her sitting down or falling down 100 times.

Things Hannah Kate LOVES:
~Swinging in her swing-she has a complete meltdown most times when we get her out. We've had to start really giving her cues that she is about to stop. I even stop her swing and then have her say/sign "all done" swinging before I take her out.
~Swinging on the porch swing-she waves to the tractor in the barn beside our house (even when no one is on it, near it, etc.)
~Tractors!!! She is Daddy's girl! Since she watched Wesley on the tractor one day, she is ALL about tractors! Both of our dads got new (to them) John Deeres within a week of each other. Papa's arrived Friday-Hannah Kate has already ridden on it twice. The first time, we rode down the road and back and she waved the entire time. When she sees a picture of a tractor, she waves at it!
~Cows-she moos at every real live cow, every picture of a cow, and every stuffed cow she sees! (including pointing at my shirt and mooing yesterday morning because there was a cow on my shirt)
~Being outside-yesterday she cried when I took her from the car to the house (the garage door was open).
~When Daddy gets home-I told Wesley when she was tiny that I couldn't wait until he came home from work and she was excited. Last week, we were sitting on the porch swing when he turned onto our road and she started waving and squealing! She is definitely excited when he comes home.

Things Hannah Kate Does Not Love:
~changing clothes, diaper, or putting on pajamas
~having her hands or face washed off after eating
~real mandarin oranges-I bought a bag of them thinking they would be healthier and cheaper than the kind that are packaged (even though they are in 100% juice) and she will have nothing to do with them-the texture is different from the packaged ones.
~having a hairbow in her hair-unless she is distracted, she is trying to take it out!
~leaving her swing or the outside

~Papa, Pa (always in a whisper)
~hi, hey (usually in a squeal!)
~moo (at every single live, stuffed, or picture of a cow she sees)
~ru ru ..... ruff ruff -the first time she did this, I was getting her out of the car at Nana and Papa's and Blue was barking so she was barking back. She now does this anytime she sees a dog or hears a dog bark (even if we are outside and you can't see the barking dog)
~bye bye-she's said something for bye bye before, but this week it has become VERY clear and distinct and she says it for about 5 minutes after the person is already gone :)
~uh oh
~ou-si .... outside, I promise she said this today. We had been standing at the door going into the garage talking to Wesley and we came back to change her diaper. She had a complete, sobbing meltdown. I asked, "Do you want to go outside?" and did the sign for outside and she said "ou si!!!" I am sure she will never do this again! ha!
~still says: /b/ for anything she wants to eat.... /b/ /s/ is snack, /u/ for up, /a/ (loudly) for amen and she says it the entire time I am saying the prayer at the end of Bible time (she knows she can get up when I saw amen), more

~more, baby, all done

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