Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Micaiah Update-January 2015

As you can tell from the lack of "real" updates, three children three & under are keeping me quite busy!  Almost daily I think "I've GOT to do an update" & I either have a mile long list of things to do during nap time or I am exhausted & need a nap!  I'm not going to even talk about how sad I am that the last update was before Sarah Grace was born....we will just go with where we are & run with it!

Micaiah is acting SO, SO big these days.  He is very much a two year old!  In just a few weeks, he went from saying two or three word phrases to full sentences. It amazes me still to hear him talk like such a big boy!  I keep telling him to stop growing, but he is not obeying me there!  He is a CHUNK of a boy--SOLID & heavy!  He wears 18-24m or 2T clothes & size 5 or 6 shoe, size 5 diapers.
~Common sayings from the past three months: mank (spank), side (outside), ra (trash-he would find any little piece of paper or trash & bring it to me & ask "ra?" to throw it in the trash), Han Kate, 'Race (Sarah Grace), hold her or back (if he wanted to hold SG), ummmmmmm, 'saur (dinosaur), dat one, song, sorse (horse), I love you, Mama, me toooooooo Mama, airplane (he was very excited to spot airplanes in the sky for awhile), tractor...haaaaayyyyyy, Papa tractor hay, Daddy tractor hay, spank fies rash (spank flies---swat flies, throw in the trash), Elmo scared, Adamand Eeeeeeve!, tractor ride, You see me do dat Mama?, Who's dat?, Oh, because, help 'Race Mama (help SG), naked race, bike, you're elcome, 'nother one car 'nother one tractor, Han-nah Kate! Sa-rah 'Race!
~When he's trying hard to tell you something, he closes his eyes & slowly & deliberately nods his head with every word.
~Naked race started one night when Micaiah was stripped down to his diaper for bed. Hannah Kate took off her clothes down to her undies too & they started chasing each other in the "loop" in our house.  She called it "naked race" & it's turned into "BAH Race" (because Wesley would jump out & yell "BAH" at them) or "Chainsaw Race" (because they would chase each other using Micaiah's toy chainsaw.  It's very adaptable! Fun times.
~He can almost count to 10 & sing the ABCs.
~He knows most of the memory verse Matthew 19:14--But Jesus said, "let the little children come unto me."
~He recognizes Chris & Melissa or Robert on podcasts. 
~He loves "Hey man" & "Wissa."
~We have a laughing Elmo that he is terrified of-Wesley held it up to him one night & he did NOT like it.  For months, he would say, "Elmo....scared."  He would even refuse to go in their room alone or walk around the whole house to go in the other door away from Elmo. Hannah Kate finally took it to the guest room & asked me to put it in the attic so he wouldn't be afraid!
~I was so sad when he started calling Hannah Kate "Han-nah Kate!" like a big boy.
~He LOVES to cook.  For a few weeks, if he saw me doing anything in the kitchen he would run up to me & say he needed the ladder, "Me toooooooo Mama."
~This week, he has started calling me "Mom" or "Mum."  I keep telling him my name is "Mama," but it's not sticking!
~After Chris & Melissa were here for a week, he started giving kisses on the cheek!  Melissa would have him give her a kiss if he wanted her to do something & it stuck.  He has never been a kisser, so I was so excited!....until he started kissing a little girl at church. Oops! 
~He LOVES to climb from Hannah Kate's bed to his (his footboard is the big crib rail) & jump onto the bed.  They love to jump on the bed too.
~He is not a fan of new people or a lot of people talking to him.  It takes him a good 5-10 minutes to warm up to people, especially if it's people at our house.
~He LOVES Bible class, Bible time, singing songs, etc.  He loves to do the arm motions to lead songs during worship & at home.  When we sing during Bible time, he has to have a "song book." It can be any book, but he holds it up like a song book to sing. His very favorite song is "Trust & Obey."  He knows all of the words to the first & last verse.
~He likes to color.
~He loves to be outside helping Daddy or Papa.
~He is THE best little helper with Sarah Grace. He is the first to alert me if she cries, the first to put her paci back in, etc.  He loves to talk to her or look at her (he asks first every time!).  He smiles so big at her & says, "Sarrrraahhhhhhh Raaaaaaaaaccce," in a high pitched voice.  It's adorable!
~He has started praying on his own.  The majority of the time it's, "Dear God, thank you for. Amen."  When he does pray with more words, he does the best job remembering what we've told them to pray about & naming lots of people he is thankful for.
~Micaiah is a HUGE blessing in our lives. We are so thankful for him!

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