Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hannah Kate Update-January 2015

As you can tell from the lack of "real" updates, three children three & under are keeping me quite busy!  Almost daily I think "I've GOT to do an update" & I either have a mile long list of things to do during nap time or I am exhausted & need a nap!  I'm not going to even talk about how sad I am that the last update was before Sarah Grace was born....we will just go with where we are & run with it!

Hannah Kate will be four in less than a month.  I am not sure how that is even possible.  She is SUCH a big girl these days & is starting to look like a big girl & not just a toddler anymore.  Here are some highlights that I want to remember about her at this age:
~Common sayings (maybe not so common now, but have been common in the last three months....):
-"Yeah, that's cool," "When I get bigger & I have a baby I will...," "Hama llama (Llama Llama books)," "no way," "jack o lant-ren," "every each," "969"
-The "every each" means all of them or a lot of them.
-She started referring to when we have "969 babies" or "969 snacks." After a day or two, I realized it was because we had been singing a song about Methuselah & she saw 969 as a lot (& it is!)!
~She LOVES to play with friends or have friends come over to play.  Santa asked what she wanted for Christmas & she said, "For all of my friends to come over to play with me."  It was THE sweetest thing ever. I wasn't sure how she would respond since we don't "do" Santa & I had forgotten to mention that he might ask what she wanted.  I was telling Wesley about it in the car later & she said, "Yeah, next time, I will tell him I want A LOT of presents!"  There went that sweet moment!
~She is an awesome, awesome helper!  I am thankful for her servant heart & willingness to help.  That is something we have worked hard to cultivate in her & I hope it will continue.  She will randomly come up to me & ask, "What can I do, ma'am?"
~She & Micaiah have been having some classic brother & sister moments......whew!  They are learning how to work out problems & be kind to each other, but it is not easy!
~She LOVES Bible class, Bible time & acting out Bible stories.  She wants to act out Bible stories almost every night during Bible time.  She loves role playing Esther, Joseph, & the creation of Eve.  We have slacked off on her memory verses as we were working on KidSing cards, but we are trying to pick that back up.  We got the kids "Bible Study Guide for All Ages" timeline cards & lessons for Christmas.  She LOVES doing her lesson each day-partly because it's new & exciting & partly because she gets to have a paper each time.  She is doing great following directions & retaining what we talk about in the lessons.
~She holds Sarah Grace's hand in the car....THE sweetest thing ever & it calms Sarah Grace down-win win!
~We've had two deaths in our church family in the past week. At both visitations, she told the family (all by herself) "I'm sorry you're sad & I'm praying for you."  Melted my heart!
~Since we are diving into the podcast world, she is all about podcasts!  She said, "When I grow up, I'm going to do a podcast too because girls can do podcasts-es!" Last night at Cracker Barrel she asked, "Do the people who live at Cracker Barrel have a podcast?  Nana, do you have a podcast? Does Papa have a podcast?"
~She loves reading books, coloring, making cards, praying for people, going out to eat, & watching Dora.
~She loves to giggle & laugh & play races with Daddy & Micaiah at night.
~She is in 4 or 5T clothing (mainly 5T for tops) & size 9 shoes.
~Hannah Kate is a huge blessing in our lives. We are so thankful for her!

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  1. How can she be 4????? Time needs to slow down! She is the cutest!