Friday, October 29, 2010

Ultrasound and Belly Pictures

We went to see my regular doctor today. I have lost 2 pounds during this pregnancy. The one time in my life I actually want to gain weight and I am having no luck! I have read that with multiples, you need to gain weight early because it is hard to gain later in the pregnancy. I guess I need to eat more ice cream!
I went in this week because I had been having some pain in my ribcage area-it was really bad on Sunday/Monday, but has gotten better throughout the week. The coughing that I have been doing during the entire pregnancy is no fun and hasn't stopped yet! She said it sounds like pleurisy-hopefully it will be taken care of soon!
She also said we will have an ultrasound at every visit from now on.
Here is a picture of our sweet Baby B-the heart rate was 148.
And here is a picture of my "losing-weight-but-my-pants-don't-fit-and-my-belly-is-big" self.

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  1. Denise and Wesley, I'm so glad to see you have a blog. I am praying for you regularly, for your health and peace and the health of your precious babies.

    Karina Walters (Lynette Beasley's daughter)