Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Camouflaging the Belly!

Dressing for warm weather hasn't been too much of a problem. I have several shirts that are loose fitting and are that style that's maternity-ish but not maternity. That combined with the wonderful invention called the Belly Band (thanks, Jaina!) have made dressing comfortably without looking pregnant super easy.
Then, cold weather struck! It was in the 40s yesterday morning and this morning. Apparently, my warm clothes are too snug. Yesterday, I put on this pretty purple sweater that I love...looked in the mirror....then marched out to Wesley and said, "I don't guess I can wear this, huh?!"
Plan B was a looser top combined with a scarf to hang down and divert attention from my stomach!
This morning, I put on a black top-black is slimming, right?!.....See for yourself below....
Our two "large plums" were not hiding very well! I am totally all about the baby bump and loving the baby bump.......when everyone is actually supposed to know about the baby bump!For now, I am camouflaging the belly....maybe people will just think I ate too many M&Ms! :)
The picture below is what I actually wore to school today.

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