Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wide Awake

It's 11:40pm on a Saturday night & Hannah Kate is still awake & wound up. She's been in bed for two hours. 
Me: Hk you need to settle down & go to sleep
Hk: & then will it be time for Sarah Grace to come out?
Me: hopefully not 
Hk: when Dr C CUTS your belly OPEN & takes Sarah Grace out, will she have clothes to put on her? & diapers? Does she have diapers? And how will she be warm when Dr C CUTS YOUR BELLY OPEN?! 
Me: she will wrap her in a blanket & give her to Mommy
Hk: OH.......(long pause) ..... Do they have a SINK to wash her off? & a lot of diapers?! 
Then she went on to tell me a big story about how it will snow after Sarah Grace is born & we will all have skates. All of us: Mommy, Daddy, Mi-Caiah, Sarah Grace, Queen Esther, David & Samson......I asked who Samson is & she answered very matter of factly, "He's in Daddy's belly!" Of course. 

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