Monday, July 21, 2014

Micaiah 19/20 Month Update

I was so proud because I saw the date of the last post & thought I wasn't too far behind on his update, but I am thinking I got way off somewhere, so we will call this the 19/20 Month Update!

Fun Facts:
~talking more
~really good at puzzles, taking things apart & putting them back....he played with my contact case for 10 minutes the other day opening & closing the lids & he opened a child proof medicine bottle this week-oops!

Food Fun:
~still a very picky eater!
~has eaten spaghetti, macaroni & cheese, corn on the cob, & gummy vitamins
~has put in his mouth & taken out blueberry, blackberry, ham (he used to eat that!)--better than nothing!
~moved to his new Bible class & he LOVES it! (I told his teachers he was going to cry when I left him the first few times & he never did!)
~pats his belly or raises his shirt if we ask where the baby is

Things Micaiah LOVES:
~tractors, trucks, cows, chickens, Daddy & Papa, being outside
~cooking!  If he sees me working in the kitchen, he goes to the pantry & says, "STEPS!" & wants to get on the step ladder to help me.
~movies-he has gotten into the habit of watching videos on Wesley's phone before bed (funny because Hannah Kate was this age when she loved that too) & he loves Baby Signing Time.  He signs & says almost every sign they do on those videos.
~building blocks, wearing shoes, coloring, getting alllllllll of the cups out of the drawers in the kitchen, books (especially farm books-he has a Tractor book that has different equipment on each page & he names it all-plow, combine, baler)
~sitting in chairs, especially if it's at the table or counter ("big" chairs)
~riding in our new SUV ("truck"), the four wheeler, & "bikes"
~Hannah Kate
~making Hannah Kate squeal (hair pulling, hugging, climbing on her)-not to be mean, but because he thinks it's funny when she squeals

Things Micaiah Does Not Love:
~diaper changes (although he will come & lie down on the floor when I tell him)
~stopping watching movies
~when Daddy or Papa leave him

rain, please, more, milk, eat, juice, baby

~hat, shoes, toes, "soon" (spoon), "ump" (jump), fix, bowl, juice (which is funny since he doesn't drink juice!), mama mama mama, Daddy, bike, truck, mooooooo, oodle doo (rooster, cock a doodle doo), KATE!, owor (color), na-ney (napkin), baby, Ga (Sarah Grace), four wheeler (I can't spell how he says it & it's garbled each time, but he does say it!), outside, ni ni (night night), bup (up)

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